in Facebook Lives

and deeply connect with your people online

Do you keep putting off recording Facebook Lives and when you finally do, it reinforces your fear and anxiety about people actually seeing it and judging you?

Do you spend hours talking yourself in and out of doing Facebook Lives but you wish you could just grab your phone and speak naturally without script instead?

Do you wish you could own your message and share your wisdom without feeling like it will scare off your audience?

Then you need my...

3-week SPEAK mini retreat

SPEAK mini retreat are 2 private VIP sessions personally tailored to meet your unique needs
to break through your fears of Facebook Lives right away.

What you may not realise is that there can be a number of factors - from this life or past incarnations - contributing to your perceived inability to show up authentically in front of your online audience and own your expertise.

I will work deeply with you and your Consciousness
to heal, shift and upgrade your intuition, emotions, mindset, energetic bodies and your Soul
in one radical notch!

We will be working on all aspects of you holistically
to create your personal breakthrough in online visibility and public speaking
through a combination of:

- channelled Intuitive Self Mastery & Manifesting education
- meditative mentoring
- rapid resistance release
- spiritual kinesiology
- Pellowah healing
- intuitive public speaking training
- a heart-connected video recording experience


We will do it together - meditatively & step by step!

During this first 2.5hrs intensive session,
- we will have a chat to understand where you are at with your Facebook Lives journey
- I will provide guidance and channelled Intuitive Self Mastery & Manifesting education for personal mindset upgrades
- we will establish the structure of the video that you would like to create together
- realign your energetic bodies and increase your Client Attraction Energetics
- I will guide you through a simple technique to speak intuitively in Facebook Lives
- we will establish 3 video titles for you to record for the next 3 weeks
- you will have access to my Speak private Facebook group, a safe space for you to practice your Facebook Lives during these 3 weeks
- you could ask for feedback on 3-6 of your Live videos (max 3mins each)
- we will then have a Pellowah Healing session

I have designed this radically transformative session so you have
greater clarity, calmness and confidence
to speak intuitively from your Heart and feel comfortable watching your own Facebook Lives.

This 3 week SPEAK mini retreat includes:

1) Physically
- a Heart-recorded Facebook Live ( a Self Introduction for your Facebook page)
- 3 video titles to record over the next 3 weeks (on education, tip or storytelling)
- a safe space and community to practice your Facebook Lives
- 3 weeks access to me in a private Facebook group for feedback on 3-6 Live videos (max 3 mins each)

2) Emotionally / Mentally (Mindset)
- deeper calmness in mind and nervous system
- an uplifted state of being + mood with enhanced inner clarity
- an upgrade in your personal mindset
- feeling less affected by what other people think of you
- a greater capacity to do Facebook Live when you want to

3) Energetically / Spiritually
- deeper connection to your authentic voice and your Heart
- enhanced intuition, creative flow and heightened clair senses
- greater inner confidence, inner strength and inner peace to express yourself
- lasting increase in your personal vibrations

This is a relaxing energetic intensive and a highly practical session. 🙂

All that is needed of you is preparation (you'll receive an email with some simple instructions, so don't worry) before your session and that is about it.


The cost of this 3-week SPEAK mini retreat is AU$555.

If you're ready to boost your business and take the first step to feel natural and at ease
to speak about yourself, your work and your business offer online...

... Some Beautiful Words from clients ...

Before Christmas I did Ashni's Speak sessions to help me do Facebook lives more intuitively. Let me just say last year I did several on camera interviews and scripted videos for my work and had no problem being on camera. Imagine my surprise then when I started doing unscripted Facebook lives on my Facebook page and got ridiculously nervous to the point where it would take me several hours to talk myself into doing them and more often than not I would talk myself out of it and then get cross with myself. Since working with Ashni I have done several Facebook lives most of them spontaneous they flowed well and felt good. Thanks Ashni you are amazing so warm and so much fun to work with!
Sharron Calgaret
Diabetes Educator, Dealing with Diabetes
I highly recommend working with the beautiful Ashni. I had my first session with her this morning and has no hesitation about doing a Facebook Live for my Black Friday special this afternoon. I've experienced an immediate and noticeable shift. Thank you lovely.
Marlene Schmidt
Money Management Coach
“I love working with Ma Ashni! She has helped me overcome so many of my FB Live blocks and now I'm running live online workshops and loving it!! I love, love, love her work!!!
Ashni's work has propelled my business in ways I never thought possible. There is so much value in this offer!!
Ashni's sessions are so powerful in shifting those old beliefs that keep us stuck. I was the girl that stared at the record button for hours. Now I get excited about hitting record...thank you so much Ashni "
Amanda Meyer
Home Organising Expert
I can highly recommend this intensive. When I go to record videos now I don't feel nervous or concerned about what I'm going to say. Ashni is such a beautiful soul.
Bex Allen
Artist & Transformation Coach
“Before working with Ashni, I had fears about showing my work. I was feeling that no body would understand my work and appreciate my work as I often felt I was not accepted for my original self or my authentic work.
I felt the work was too complex, too different, unorthodox.
During our sessions she helped me to feel accepted, safe and in control within my self. Deep feeling of connection to my self and having no judgement of my work helped me achieve 3 goals we set out before our session.
Since then I established an Instagram account for my work, I purchased a new interface for my website and employed some one to execute it, I shared my work on Facebook with my family and friends. I also submitted proposals to galleries for future exhibitions.
Working with Ashni has made the tasks I had difficulty with seem lighter, easy, effortless and fast.
If anyone is considering working with Ashni, I would highly recommend having a session sooner than later as these sessions build momentum and help you cut through all the clutter and achieve specific, measurable goals.”
Kuweni Dias
Leading Contemporary Artist in Australia & Sri Lanka

Quantum Healing Specialist + Spiritual Mentor

Helping you to
boost your intuition + master your intuitive Self expression
so that you can
Speak and Shine Online!

Are you ready to align with your Soul essence and connect deeply with your people through Facebook Lives?
Here is your next step!