Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Energetically Drained and Lack of Inspiration?
Do you sometimes just want to yell STOP!!

What if you can feel energised, nourished and have greater clarity?

Would you take 2 hours every week for 7 weeks to just STOP and...

❤︎ have a sacred cocoon to break free from your emotional shackles without crumbling externally?

❤︎ deeply nourish your mindbody and spirit?

❤︎ tend to your deep sensitivity with gentle support?

❤︎ replenish your energy level and sleep deeper?

❤︎ effectively calm your mind and gain greater clarity for your path forward?

❤︎ increase your intuition and creativity so that you can do life with greater inspiration?

What if you can also ENJOY & have A LOT OF FUN doing all that??


Then join me in my carefully refined

7-week Self Transformation Workshop
Group Meditations + 1:1 Healing Session

this 28 August 2020!


My name is Ashni.

An engineer, Quantum healing specialist &
a Sacred Businesswoman who is passionate to share
The Art of Effortless Intuitive Actions.

I help people to understand the
different aspects of themselves,
nourish their Soul + dial up their intuition
so that they feel CLEAR with the map & know-how to navigate their own life through their own internal GPS and take actions effortlessly.

❤︎ Some beautiful words from participant ❤︎

This Transformative Meditation Journey helped me attune to inner parts of myself that I had long disconnected from. It taught me how to release 'stuck' emotions from my body to help clear the path for my intuition to guide me towards my true purpose. Both the information and meditative practices Ashni provided led to a deeper understanding of myself and a stronger mind-body-soul connection. I'd recommend this course for anyone struggling with feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty or fear - it's just what you need right now.
- Georgia Vidler -
Marketing Consultant

What we will do... ❤︎

During my 7-week Self Transformation workshop, I will guide you to experiencing the various aspects of you - your emotions, your intuition and your consciousness so that you have an experiential understanding of them instead of an intellectual one.

This workshop combines group work (education + Q&A + active meditation) and 1:1 private session.

These 7 weeks will be your Meditative Space for Total Freedom where you are free to:-

Dance like no one is watching because no one is. Everyone will be in a blindfold.
Laugh to your Heart's content.
Cry your eyes out, deeply cleansing your Heart.
Throw out your Anger confidently.
Express all your unexpressed words as intensely as you wish!
Release the suppression that tightens you inside totally!
Explore your past life & a peek into the future life.
Meet your Guide(s) / Angel(s) to deepen personal connection.
Enjoy Self celebration & appreciation in deep relaxation!

This Sacred Cocoon is yours to enjoy - to Nourish, to Re-Energised, to feel Clear!

Each week's workshop will set the foundation for the next one to build your understanding of these aspects of you.
Hence, your full participations for these 7 weeks are required to complete the workshop.
This workshop does not require any prior meditation experience.
All that is needed from you is your personal willingness to delve totally into this process with an open and skeptical mind.

Are you ready to take 2 hours every Friday evening just for you to feel Whole, Balanced and Aligned again?

Let's get into the details! ❤︎

Week 1:

Breaking Old Conditionings

Osho Mystic Rose taster - Laughters | Tears | Silence

We will start the journey with understanding the types of conditionings, how belief works and how to recognise them working for vs against you. 

Then, we will start our meditative therapy where we will laugh + cry for no reason, freeing your laughters and tears to break the old conditionings that had shackled you up from being your natural self. This is an OSHO Mystic Rose taster, so we will end this with by moving into silence.

Blindfold is provided. 

Experiment 1: Explore Self Expression.

Week 2:

Emotions & Its Energetics

Emotional Release Meditation

During this second week, you will learn the mechanics + energetics of emotions as well as a simple + effective technique to undo your own belief system. 

We will have a 1hr active meditation to experience the energetics and anchor in your understanding.

Blindfold is provided.

Experiment 2: Explore Emotional Expression.

Week 3:

Intuition & Clair Senses

Empty the Mind Meditation

On this third week, we will start to calm your mind and tune in to your inner world. You will learn about intuition and its mechanics, the clair senses and identify your own dominant clair sense. 

We will have a 1hr active meditation to calm your mind and tune in to your intuition.

Blindfold is provided.

Experiment 3: Explore Intuition.

Week 4:

Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

Heart Chakra & Expression Meditation

During this week, we will delve deeply into the Heart, aligning your heart + mind and understand the creative/intuitive intelligence aspect of you. 

We will have a 1 hour Heart Chakra Active Meditation. 

Blindfold is provided. 

Experiment 4: Explore Creative/Intuitive Expression.

Week 5:

Radical Shift in Consciousness

Pellowah Energy Healing

This is a 1:1 Pellowah session which can be done in person in Sundaram Space or through distance. Preparation will be required for this session. Guidelines will be provided.

This session is about 45m – 1hour. 

Eye pillow is provided for in person session.

Experiment 5: Explore Self Connection.

Week 6:

Group Past Life Regression

A Dolores Cannon's technique

During the group past life regression, we will journey into your past life to understand any block to your current life, meet your guardian/angel(s)/guide(s) to deepen your personal connection and also have a peek into the future. 😉

Blindfold is provided. 

Experiment: Explore Symbolic Sight.

Week 7:

Self Celebration & Appreciation


Ahhhh!! This last week is a SURPRISE! 
We will be having a special meditation for Self Celebration and Appreciation.

Blindfold is provided.

Experiment: Explore Self Appreciation.

❤︎ When... ❤︎

Every Friday
28 Aug - 9 Oct 2020
6:30-8:30pm (except for Week 5).
Booking link will be provided for Week 5 session.

28 Aug:
Week 1 - Break Old Conditionings
4 Sep:
Week 2 - Emotions & Its Energetics
11 Sep:
Week 3 - Intuition & Clair Senses
18 Sep:
Week 4 - Heart's Intuitive Intelligence
22-26 Sep:
Week 5 - 1:1 Private session (1hr) - Radical Shift in Consciousness
2 Oct:
Week 6 - Group Past Life Regression
9 Oct:
Week 7 - Self Celebration & Appreciation

❤︎ Where? ❤︎

❤︎ Getting Here ❤︎

However, you can start to book in for your mini retreat today. 

Enjoying $50 off your first mini retreat. 

❤︎ Cost ❤︎

One off payment of $388.
A payment plan of $138 upfront with $44 weekly for 6 weeks.

There are only 8 spots available for this workshop.

❤︎ Important Terms ❤︎

This Self Transformation workshop can be a strong energetic process and works best with a clear body system without alcohol or drugs. It is best for individuals who are in their natural health state.
For individuals who are on medications, have high blood pressure, epilepsy or any other major medical conditions, it is best to check with your doctor and get a letter of consent from him/her before joining this process.
A letter of consent will need to be provided before the workshop and your participation in this workshop is at your discretion and responsibility.
For payment plan options, each week's payment is required prior to your participation in the workshop.
This event is for 18 years old and above.

Registration for 7 week workshop is closed!

Book in for only Group Past Life Regression on 2 Oct 2020 at 6:30pm

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