Series of workshops that help you to take charge of your personal growth

Do you want to have growing clarity to stay on track with your life and career growth?

Would you like to have greater intuition to make personal and professional decisions?

Would you like your children to have the same?

Introducing A New Technology for Growth

Self Mastery Codes™

Codes are uniquely simple, powerful and efficient New Technology for personal growth.

Upon activation of these codes, it produces change in your energetic field and physical body.

These codes help to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth with greater ease, trickling its effects into your everyday personal, family and professional life.

What does it do?

❤︎ Increases your Intuition, Clarity, Empowerment and Awareness
❤︎ Brings a sense of excitement for life
❤︎ Put you in control of your own personal growth
❤︎ Help you to operate on a higher level in your daily life so things become easier

How does it work?

The Codes talk to the deepest part of you, allowing growth on an expanded yet personal level.
It is very simple - like pressing buttons on your hands.
You are given a series of attunements that enable you to press places on your hands to activate amazing effects within both your physical body and your energetic field.

Once you have completed the workshop, it only takes 5 minutes to reactivate the incredible benefits. Your personal growth can be at your own pace. This can be done daily, weekly or whenever it feels right for you. It is like losing weight without dieting, except it is for Self Growth. It allows everybody to have a totally normal life but still be in charge of their own progress.

You don't have to change your life to do this.

But, doing this will change your life.

Some common benefits:

for children, teenagers and adults

- foster greater confidence in social interactions and higher likeliness to have productive conversations in day to day life
- increase the attraction of healthy, positive and beneficial individuals into your life
- enhance your capacity to focus and stick to a task until completion
- improves learning ability and greater capacity to retain information
- increase self trust to make clear decisions without influence from external forces
- greater positive outlook and willingness to try new things, learn new skills and have new experiences

for Soul business owners

- increase your productivity in your day to day life
- increase alignment with your business offers, bringing excitement to you and your people
- support you to produce higher quality of output in your work (i.e. in sessions, courses, book writing, publishing etc.)
- feeling freer, bolder and easier to express yourself in private and out in public
- accelerate your Soul business development towards your next milestone
- enhanced clarity, resilience and creative intelligence that produce positive outcomes
- greater capacity to feel elevated and uplifted on a daily basis
- increases your personal energetics enabling you to attract your Soul clients with greater ease
- experience greater ease to make the income your deserve

2023 Workshop Details



9am - 5pm, Sunday, TBA

Suitable for children (6+yo), teenagers and adults

This is the very core foundation of codes that was first brought through in August 2021 to include children empowerment. While these codes are simple, its effects are deeply profound and powerful.  

It is the only Codes workshop that is suitable for children as young as they can count to 10 and can read.

This is a family empowerment workshop. Parents can attend this Codes workshop with their children and receive the benefits together as a family.


Codes for Change and Acceleration 1

9am - 5pm, Sunday, TBA

Suitable for teenagers (16+yo) and adults

Build upon the foundation from Codes for Life and is also suitable for teenager who is an advanced 15 year old. 

This codes workshop creates deep profound change within you and start to accelerate your personal growth on a Soul level.


Codes for Change and Acceleration 2

9am - 5pm, Saturday, TBA

Suitable for teenagers (16+yo) and adults

Build upon the foundation from Codes for Life and is also suitable for teenager who is an advanced 15 year old. 

This codes workshop creates deep powerful shift, aligning you with your Soul path. This brings about greater energetic elevation and expansion in your Soul connection that you have never experienced before.


Codes Advanced

9am - 5pm, Sunday, TBA

Suitable for teenagers (18+yo) and adults

The most advanced codes workshop that was brought into this world in August 2021. 

This advanced codes workshop significantly eases your growth and development, supporting you to advance your spiritual growth and develop your Soul work. 

A MUST for all individuals who are seeking to create positive lasting change in your personal life, your professional career and the world. 

Your Questions Answered

No. As long as your child can count to 10 and read, your child can join Codes for Life. 🙂 The age is general indicator. 


No. Once you receive the codes attunement, it is integrated within you for the rest of your life.


No. You will not block the effects of the Codes once it’s attuned to you. 

These Codes work on the deepest level of you so the effect will be immediately activated whenever you use the Codes. 🙂 

Each workshop is unique in itself. 

The differences in each workshop is in the type of attunements you will receive, the number of Codes you will learn and the specific purpose that each Code has. 


No. You don’t need to take the Codes workshop in that order, however, each workshop is foundational to the other. 


No. Codes is a technology for your own personal and spiritual growth.

They are only attuned to you and cannot be used on other people. 


Yes. These Codes are very user friendly and work effectively for each recipient.

You don’t need to know or understand energy work for this to work for you.

But doing these Codes will start to shift and elevate your energy, thereby, increasing your awareness, knowing and understanding of energy. 


Manual, stationery, snacks, teas and a classic vegetarian lunch are provided.

If you have a special dietary requirement, you’re welcome to bring your lunch along. 


Great! 🙂

For your further queries and cost of the workshop, please send your queries to me here

Ready to take charge of your personal growth and expand spiritually?