Sacred Etiquette


We will start the session on time as per your appointment details. 

It is best to allow 10 mins meditative space for your energy to settle in prior to your session. 

For once-off complimentary session, no concession is available for no show. 

Rescheduling is available 24 hours in advance.

Any rescheduling done within the 24 hours time frame of your appointment will incur a $35 concierge fee. 

QHHT & Day Retreat

Extension of time is available at $100/hr after your initial 6 hours. Additional payment is due on the day.

Rescheduling is available 5 days prior to your scheduled appointment. Any rescheduling done within the 5 days period will incur a cost of $120.

Delayed Arrival

Delayed arrival will simply shorten the length of your session and will only yield the result for the duration given.

For online session, I will wait for 10 mins in Zoom and then I will go.

For QHHT / day retreat, I will wait for 30mins and then the retreat is cancelled.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

All deposits and sales are final and no refund is available. 

If you do not show up for your online session or day retreats, 50% of your cost will be incurred as cancellation fee. 

The remaining 50% of the cost will be transferred to you as a credit with Sundaram Space. 

You will receive a coupon code in the email valid for 60days. The credit is only valid for the same category of service you booked in. 

Sundaram Lounge

Sundaram Lounge is a modern sacred space to support your expression, wellbeing, transformation and growth. 

It is a quiet, meditative and private space. 

Please have your mobile phone on silent or switched off before you enter the Lounge and be consciously aware of your voice level in the space. 

In this Lounge, you’re welcome to enjoy a range of herbal teas, lattes or freshly filtered water during your visit.