Quantum Healing Day Retreat

Do you experience chronic body pain that you wish you can have it GONE?
Are you living with other PROLONGED mental and emotional conditions that doesn't go away?
Have you gone through your rounds with practitioners and still can't find the answer to dissolve them?

The reason why your practitioners can't help you to find the answer is not because they're not competent
It's because the answer lies deep within your own Consciousness in the quantum field

When we have direct and clear access to this deeper and more expanded part of you,
we are accessing your Higher Self, your Oversoul, who has answers for you
and can do quantum healing in your mind, body and spirit instantaneously

Your Higher Self knows everything about you
They know your past life, current life and future life - everything

They know who you've been, who you want to be and what is REALLY going on in you and your life...

Your Higher Self can also guide you in your life direction and path forward
and start living a more fulfilling life outside of the everyday, ordinary world

How am I going to heal when I've had this health issue for so long?

Your Higher Self has the ability to conduct healing on your body instantaneously without any medication, surgery or pain involved.

They can detect the cause of your pains and chronic health conditions, known or unknown to you, explaining the source of its presence be it from your current life or past life.

On your behalf, I will request healing from your Higher Self and if healing is suitable to occur, they will do it instantaneously in your mind, body or spirit level.

Often times, through your understanding of why a disease is present and why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and released by your Higher Self.

I had also witnessed many times that the Higher Self detected problem that the client is not conscious of and they do the healing very efficiently it in the background as the session goes on. They deem that it is required for the client's extended well being even though we haven't requested it at all.

Your Higher Self works very efficiently and they know you very intimately.

You could be paying thousands of dollars and still live with these conditions for years
Or you could take a day off for you and experience quantum healing directly from your Higher Self

My QHHT experience was something I will never forget...
I had barrel chest and my ribs stuck out for years but I couldn't find the ribs that used to poke out for as long as I could remember.

I remember being in absolute shock...my ribs had shrunk back to normal size.
I witness a miracle, my organs had been healed in 10mins.

- Joe Lee Davidson -

This could be the most profound and transformational experience in your life.

Overview of your Quantum Healing Day Retreat

On the day...

This day retreat will go on for at least 5-8 hours. It can be longer depending on individual's needs. It is best to put aside a full day for your retreat and do not much after. You will yield greater benefits if you can also allow a deeply relaxed space to yourself for the next 3 days after your retreat.

You will bring with you the following:-
✤ 32GB Memory Stick
Water and food for grounding (I have a fridge in my practice to keep your food fresh)
A list of maximum 20 questions you would like to have answered by your Higher Self.

There are 3 parts to your Quantum Healing Day Retreat

Part 1

Getting to know you

At least 2 hours

We will start our day having a deeply relaxing conversation to get to know you. This is your sacred space for you to express yourself freely to address your current life situations and how you would like for your Higher Self to support you. We will clear through all your concerns, review your questions and relax into your primary intent for your session. 

Part 2:

QHHT Experience

Maximum 2 hours

Once you’re ready, I will induce you into a deep somnambulistic state of trance where you will feel aware, in control yet deeply relaxed. I will guide you through your past lives or other significant experiences that your Soul has had. Then we will contact your Higher Self to gain understanding of your current health conditions and request for quantum healing. We will ask as many questions as we can in the time frame that we have. Once you receive the healings you need from your Higher Self and gained the understanding that you require, I will gently and slowly bring you back. You will be so alert, so relax and may find yourself in a semi to blissful state. 

This session will be recorded on audio and video for you

Part 3

After session discussion

About 1 hour

We will allow some time for you to have lunch and gently be grounded while I prepare your recordings for you. 

We will discuss what you remember about your session and integrate the information we have received from your Higher Self. You will have your recordings to bring home to listen over and over again to gain deeper clarity and deepen your healing process. 



Clarity and Assurance

If you'd like to have some clarity and assurance before making your decision, book in for a 30m Clarity Call to support you in making an informed and aligned decision for this significant day of your life. .
I will answer any questions you have about this day retreat and offer you an opportunity to assess how comfortable you are to go under with my voice. 🙂


Make a booking and begin preparation

Once you've decided to book in for your day retreat, then you will need to start your preparation at least 3 weeks before your retreat day.
You will receive additional private resources in your email to support you in your preparation.
Here are some general guidelines.

Preparation 1: Your Questions for your Higher Self

You could bring up to 20 questions to ask your Higher Self.
Allow yourself some time to properly consider these questions that are most important for you and your life right now to receive guidance, insights, clarity and directives from your Higher Self.

It is best to ask the question in a simple and direct manner, keeping the focus about you.
Avoid explanations, stories or asking yes/no questions and keep the questions open ended.
It is best to limit to about 5 questions per category.

Below are some examples.

Please set your questions in these order and category:-
1) Life Direction / Spiritual Questions (Life Path, Purpose, Spirituality etc)
– What is my purpose in life?
– Am I on track in my life?
– What am I here to do?
– Am I fulfilling my mission on earth?
– I had this unexplainable experience when I was younger. What is it? What was happening when I experience that?
– Why do I have this recurring dream?
– Who are my Spirit Family? Am I connected to them? Or how can I find them?
– What are my strengths? How can I use them productively?
– What are my weaknesses? How can I make my weakness my strength?


2) Physical and Emotional Questions
– Why do I have this chronic allergies/body pain/body condition/illness? Can you please heal this?
– Why can’t I lose weight?
– Why do I have ADHD and can’t calm my mind? Can you please heal this?
– Why do I feel depression and anxiety? How can it be healed?
– Why do I have this birthmark where it is? Can you please heal this?
– Why do I keep getting this backache? What has cause that? Can you please heal this?

3) Relationship Questions
– Which soul group does my spouse come from?
– What is my past life connection with my mother?
– I had challenges and difficulties in my relationship with my spouse/children/parents/relative/ boss. What is the purpose behind that? Can you please help me to heal this relationship?
– Why do I keep dating the same kind of men in my life that treat me so unpleasantly?
– Can you please heal my child?
– Can you please show me the way to deepen my intimacy with my husband?
– I have this client that really gets on my nerve. What is the purpose of this client in my life? Can you please help heal this relationship?

4) Career / Soul Business Questions
– I don’t like my job. When would be the best time for me to quit?
– Am I meant to do this business?
– Who are my ideal clients?
– How can I expand my business income?
– What is my next best move for my business?
– How can I get more ideal clients?
– What is the best way to launch my signature offer? 

Preparation 2: Set your intention to have a great session

Your intention to have a great session is key! Once you have made the decision to have your QHHT session, your Higher Self begins to prepare you for the session and is ready to communicate with you. Thoughts and energy will automatically begin to flow to you as part of the preparation for the session.

Preparation 3: Relax your mind and meditate

For best results, meditate and relax daily leading up to your day retreat. This will support you to feel relax and have a clear mind before you begin your day retreat. A long walk, soothing music, aromatherapy can be helpful to assist you to be in a calm state. If this is something that you may need some major support in, discuss it with me during your 30m clarity call and I can create some strategies to support you with this.

Preparation 4: Avoid caffeine and diet

It is best to reduce your caffeine intake 2-3 days before your session. On the day of your session, if you have 2 cups in the morning, reduce it to 1 cup, just enough to avoid any withdrawal headache. The intent is for you to be in a deeply relax state. Live diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is always preferable. Eat well but light before your session on that day as we will have at least a 5 hour session.

Preparation 5: Avoid recreational drug and alcohol

Avoid any recreational drugs or alcohol the night before and/or the day of your session. A session will not be conducted if the client is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter their state of awareness. Do not take any pills to relax you. This may jeopardize the success of the session. It is fine to take any prescribed medication that you normally take.

Preparation 6: Outfit

Wear comfortable outfit as you may be lying down for a couple of hours. Light, loose-fitting clothes that allow your circulation or keep you feeling comfortable while you're lying under a blanket. If you typically wear socks to sleep, bring a pair with you so that your feet will feel good. If you wear makeup, keep it light because tears will make that mascara flow.

Preparation 7: Practice Good Hygiene

I am often confined to the room for many hours and other clients may be sharing the same space after your session. Please be sure to shower, use deodorant and wear clean clothing before the session. Please avoid using scents or perfume that could linger on the pillow and room. If you’ve coloured your hair before your session, perspiration may stain the pillowcase. Let me know before we start the session, so I can put a towel on the pillow.​

Preparation 8: Water and Food for Grounding

Bring your water with you to facilitate your healing after the session. Pack your favourite lunch to help you to ground after your session. This will support your integration beautifully.

Preparation 9: Bring 32GB of USB Memory Stick

Please bring at least 32GB memory stick for you to bring your audio & video recorded session home with you. If you have a recording device, you're welcome to bring that along

Preparation 10: Release the #1 block to an amazing session - your expectations

For the best experience and result, release any expectations as they are limiting to your experience and your results. It is best to have an open mind, be willing and open to enjoy this experience of exploring your consciousness for your own unique benefit, allowing your Higher Self (Subconscious) to take care of the details. Each person's experience is totally unique and you will experience exactly that which you need for your highest good. Upon booking, you will receive access to a video of Dolores speaking about how each individual will be getting exactly what he/she is supposed to get.

Preparation 11: Only bring you along

Your session is a private session. Even though spouse/partner/family/friends may want to be with you to witness this exciting and amazing session, it is a place where you and I need to feel completely safe and that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. Because of this, no one else is allowed in the session or be permitted to stay. You may share your recordings or any memories or thoughts at your discretion.

Preparation 12: Transportation

If you are not driving, please make arrangement to have your transport wait until you contact them after the session to pick you up. Alternatively, you can also use Uber or a cab. If you are coming from interstate, it is best to book in your accommodation in a quiet area to allow you to gently integrate into the your new state of Being. 🙂

My role and intention is to assist you to receive the information you seek, have the highest most appropriate healing you required so that you can gain the highest positive outcomes to experience an enhanced Well Being to move forward in your life with ease and grace.

I am only your facilitator, asking your questions to your Higher Self on your behalf. Even though you are in a deep relaxation state, you are still in total control during this process.

I aim to readily support you through this process with tools I have and assist you in realising your own empowerment through the ever present connection within.

Hi I'm Ashni.
I am a Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

Beautiful words from clients

I always struggled to relax. With her, she has this great personality to be a great listener. I don't feel that I will be judged. I just be myself much more. I really appreciate that.
When I hear my SC talks to me, I was in awe. After the session the next day, I was completely changed. All the past has been closed. I am ready for a new life.

She was gentle in her approach, enabling me to feel extremely safe.
The session itself actually blew my mind... it was such a vivid and visceral experience.

My QHHT Session with Ma Ashni was truly an invaluable experience. From the get-go, Ashni was patient, nurturing and considerate. She was gentle in her approach, enabling me to feel extremely safe. Her empathy and consideration helped me to connect to my 'story' and to feel truly heard. The Session itself actually blew my mind. I never for a moment expected the information that came through; it was such a vivid and visceral experience. I'm still physically recalling the feelings of expansion that I experienced. This knowledge has helped me to define my vision for moving forward in my life, with courage and a deep understanding of purpose. Thank you so much Ashni for facilitating the QHHT session for me; I'm forever grateful. Much love, xxTerril

...her presence was so comforting, I was able to relax even during the interview. Her voice is so gentle and put me even more deep relaxation.

Ma had been amazing. I did a QHHT session with Ma, her presence was so comforting, I was able to relax even during the interview. Her voice is so gentle and put me even more deep relaxation. After the session there has been a lot of changes happening, especially my body. My SC told me that part of the masculine spirit is bullying my feminine body, now interestingly i start new health diet and gym yoga routine. Rather than bully my own body i need constructively build it more healthier and better. I listen to the recording almost every two three days even during my work break. Thank uuu Ma for your amazing work~~
--- (a week after Yu Chen's session) ---
It has been almost a week since the session, my life is no longer the same. I am still listening to the recording now and then. The energy that connected me during the session starts to living through me with more awareness now. All my friends and colleagues told me that I am glowing with high vibes. The pain in my pelvic is gone. The highlight change is: the full trust of the divine the past limitations are no longer holding me back~so much wisdom comes from it
YuChen Cheng
Student of Buddhism
Melbourne, Australia

Like an automatic switch, I feel my body+mind are more in sync and conscious breathing now occurs more naturally.

Ashni was very informative and calm, which I believe helped me through the interview and QHHT session. She was intuitive and knew what I wanted to know and helped to refine my questions more accurately.

The QHHT session was a remarkable and insightful encounter of what I, both the conscious and subconscious can do. In our limitations of our conscious self, I discovered how the QHHT session revealed what I wanted to know and how it's possible to address anything through our Subconscious. Ashni facilitated the session smoothly and I felt so much at ease and trusted her ability which enabled me to completely and safely surrender to the experience. The beauty was in the experience itself; full of love!

Through its healing, conscious breathing was easier for me to do - without having to prompt myself to breathe deeply. Like an automatic switch, I feel my body+mind are more in-sync and conscious breathing now occurs more naturally. I feel more encouraged and capable of holding space for anyone and understanding the energy around me. Thanks Ashni, I am forever filled with love, touched by yours.
Rosalind Chai
Construction Project Assistant
Penang, Malaysia

I witnessed a miracle, my organs had been healed in 10mins. Ashni's voice alone is healing. I highly recommend any of Ashni's healing modalities. She goes beyond love.

My QHHT experience was something I will never forget.

I thought I wouldn't be able to go under but Ashni was so reassuring and went beyond with other methods to help me let go of blockages. I was a difficult client & we didn't get to my Higher Self. I soon realized that I did go under. I had the eye twitching and when I got up, I thought it was 1pm when it was 4pm .
Ashni got me to come back for a 2nd session. It was in this session that we got to my Higher Self and past life. I was blown away that I cried in this past life that I was shown. It showed me why I smoke and have addictions.

One of my questions was, 'Can you please heal my lungs and any other organs I have damaged from smoking for 20 years plus?'. I didn't notice right away but 3 days later, when I was in the shower, I noticed my ribs are different. I was looking at my ribs (they stuck out for years) but I couldn't find the ribs that used to poke out for as long as I could remember. I do remember being in absolute shock. I kept looking at it and it appeared that my ribs had shrunk back to normal size at the exact same time I had QHHT!

So I googled can ribs stick out from smoking? It came up as yes it's called barrel chest.

I witnessed a miracle, my organs had been healed in 10 mins.

Ashni asked my Higher Self if they could amp up the feeling of connection for me so that I know they are always there for me. My Higher Self gave me a personal code. So, whenever I see my code, I get an overwhelming feeling of love, my hands would hover and my body start dowsing. It is the most beautiful feeling. For this, I am forever grateful to Ashni for asking this very question. I now have a knowing I trust.

Also the 5min meditation that Ashni gave me to help me raise my vibration and to let go is just amazing. Ashni's voice alone is healing. I highly recommend any of Ashni's healing modalities. She goes beyond love.

I also recommend Pellowah. It helped me before QHHT. I get ear ringing when receiving and when giving it. I feel it in my bones.

Love and light to all xoxo
Joe-Lee Davidson
Mother and EnergyWorker
Brisbane, Australia

I suffer from insomnia but after my session with Ashni, I had one of the best sleeps I've had in months and my anxiety levels have decreased since.

I have had four hypnosis sessions in the past but the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session I received from Ashni on 18 December 2018 was the most effective. The inner wisdom that came from my soul/higher self to help me with life questions and issues was quite profound, and the experience went deeper than I anticipated. I felt very safe to fully relax in her presence and her calming voice and tone helped me slip into into the deepest hypnotised state I have ever experienced with ease. After the session I felt calm, deeply relaxed, slowed down and content. I suffer from insomnia but after my session with Ashni I had one of the best sleeps I've had in months and my anxiety levels have decreased since. I would highly recommend Ashni for (QHHT) sessions.

I feel there has been tremendous shifts in my healing and relationships also in relationships I had never expected!

I had a QHHT session with Ashni in Feb 19. The pre induction was very comprehensive and I felt very comfortable with her by the time we were ready to start the hypnosis section. I didn't know what I would see or if it would be difficult to see but visions came to me quite clearly as I traced the steps of my journey under hypnosis with her.

I felt comfortable, supported and honoured all the way through my time with her. After the hypnosis session we debriefed and chatted a fair bit about what was communicated and I felt calm, light and happy after the session.

Over a period of weeks and months I feel there has been tremendous shifts in my healing and relationships also in relationships I had never expected! I see that continuing. I feel more centred grounded and connected. The faith that I have in the things I believe about this world, have solidified. I recommend Ashni to take anyone through this process with her beautiful calm and gentle manner she can support you through your journey safely.
Wendy Athene
Mother and Body Worker
Brisbane, Australia

... touch places in my psyche that I wouldn't have touched without Ashni's guidance...

I had the most transformative QHHT session that made me touch places in my psyche that I wouldn’t have touched without Ashni’s guidance . It’s so beautiful to listen to the voice of my Devine, sovereign supreme being. Ashni is a true memory Keeper.
Kuweni Dias Mendis
Contemporary Artist
Brisbane, Australia

...tangible actions and realisations I took away from the experience as well as a deep clearing on an emotional level.

Ashni is a kind and intuitive healer. I was new to QHHT however Ashni created a safe, comfortable and healing space to be able to explore aspects of my psyche and questions I had about my life purpose, career, health and relationships. I was able to gain greater clarity from the experience and see aspects of my life from a new perspective. I felt there were both tangible actions and realisations I took away from the experience as well as a deep clearing on an emotional level. I would highly recommend Ashni to anyone wanting to gain greater clarity or to be able to understand more fully recurring patterns or themes in their lives.
Amalia Savini
Evaluation Officer and Artist
Brisbane, Australia

Your Questions Answered

It is because expectation is limiting. 

When we work at this Super Consciousness level, unlimitedness is the possibility. 

To have an expectation is not allowing access to more that is available for you

For further queries, please book in for clarity call here

Ready to meet your Higher Self?