Level 1 & 2 Workshop

Personal Expansion | Family Empowerment | Soul Growth

Pellowah is a pure and high vibrational frequency energy that creates a 'Radical Shift in Consciousness'.

Pellowah energy activates you from within so you generate and create the light from the inside out.
In these Pellowah workshops, you will gain one of the most simple, powerful and effective tools to empower yourself and your family, creating a calmer home environment with greater well being.

After the workshops, you will be able to share Pellowah with your family members, friends, animal friends and plants to create a positive lasting change in their mindbody & spirit.

You will also learn 7 symbols for your own spiritual growth, empowering you in your day-to-day personal life and professional work. The application of these symbols will be discussed during the workshop along with answering your questions.
The result gained from Pellowah is lasting and in fact gets stronger with time.

This form of energy work builds on your positive framework without the healing trauma. This enables you to sustain a balanced lifestyle with increased capacity to create positive change with greater effects.

Pellowah was originally brought through as a tool for Enlightenment.
The healing benefits are a wonderful byproduct of this Radical Shift in Consciousness.

How Pellowah works.

(in a nutshell)

Pellowah connects all 12 strands of your spiritual DNA ready for activation.

This pure and high vibrational energy unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well being.

Pellowah builds on the positive and expands your consciousness.

Therefore, the growth and change that comes from Pellowah builds on your old framework without the trauma.

The positive change that comes from Pellowah provides a feeling of wellbeing that lasts and in fact gets stronger with time.

How Pellowah can help you.

People usually come to Pellowah when they are at a crossroad in their life. Through the radical shift in Consciousness, Pellowah helps them to gain greater clarity and objectivity in their next step forward that is aligned to their life path and Soul purpose.

Pellowah is suitable for individuals who seek to fast track their personal and spiritual growth.

It is also highly beneficial for individuals who are seeking for an efficient self-empowerment tool that they can use right away.

Are your family's wellbeing on your shoulder?

Pellowah is very helpful to keep nurturing mothers who wear too many hats to be emotionally balanced, mentally clear and physically energised.

Learning Pellowah allows mothers to share Pellowah healing with her children and family member right away. This helps to enhance their day-to-day calmness while fostering self independence within the children themselves.

This enables her more space and time to focus on her own health and well being, her personal growth and her long term career advancement.

Pellowah allows ease in care taking and produce effective results

Do you have teenagers going through puberty?

For teenagers who are at a stage of puberty and seeking for their own individuality, being attuned to Pellowah can help to cultivate a clearer sense of self.

This enables teenagers to grow through their challenging period of life in a balanced and healthy way.

Through the expansion in consciousness, Pellowah also provides them with higher and broader perspectives to make higher and better choices in their everyday life, leading them to a healthier and more productive adulthood.

Are you seeking to grow spiritually?

For women who are consciously walking their spiritual path, Pellowah helps to align your trajectory to your Soul path.

This helps to strengthen your spiritual connection, increase awareness of your intuition and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Through your growth in your inner connection and self awareness, you'll find it easier to receive the messages from your guides, angels and Higher Self to guide you further along on your path.

Pellowah Weekend Workshop

Pellowah Level 1

Practitioner Level Training

In Pellowah Level 1, you will receive the Level 1 attunement which allows you to become a practitioner of this amazing, leading edge form of energy work. This will enable you to give Pellowah healing sessions to your family, friends, clients, animal friends or plants right after the workshop. 

Via this attunement, your sense of awareness will be expanded, your view of the world will shift, therefore allowing you to have broader perspectives and higher visions for your life and career. Through this expansion, you will have greater clarity to make higher choices in your everyday personal, family and professional life with greater inner strength. The effect of Pellowah gets stronger with time.

Upon completion of this Pellowah workshop, you are then able to have further Level 1 attunements as frequently as you feel called to. The effect of Level 1 attunement is faster and more powerful than a healing session.

Pellowah Level 2

Expansion of Consciousness

Pellowah Level 2 workshop is for your personal growth and spiritual expansion. In level 2, you will work with the 7 Pellowah symbols to :-

✤   Open up the Auric Field (while still keeping it protected)
✤   Neutralize Negative Energy
✤   Bring together the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies.
✤   Align the Chakras
✤   Increase Personal Power
✤   Activate The Personal Merkabah
✤   Expand the Aura to allow in New and Increased Energy and Information for Change.

During this training, we’ll discuss the application of these 7 symbols and the ways to integrate them in your personal, family and professional life. 

You’ll also receive Level 2 attunement that connects you to the higher version of you and increases your capacity to hold the energy and light. Through that, you will have greater capacity to bring in higher vibrational energies into your everyday life and activities. This enable you to feel uplifted, empowered and clearer within yourself to fulfil your goals and purpose that you set out. 

Upon completion of this Pellowah workshop, you are then able to have further Level 2 attunements as frequently as you feel called to. The effect of Level 2 attunement is faster and more powerful than Level 1.

Certificates and manuals are included for both workshops.

Upon completion of your workshop, you will also receive 3-month personal support for your Pellowah journey.

workshop dates

Saturday - Pellowah Level 1
Sunday - Pellowah Level 2

2024 Summer Training (Brisbane)

FEB : 17 & 18

2024 Autumn Training (Brisbane)

MAR : 23 & 24

APR : 20 & 21

MAY : 18 & 19

These workshops focus on private practical training and comprehensive learning with Q&A sessions.
You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask your questions about Pellowah for your personal, family and professional life.
Only 4 spots are available for each class for optimum 1:1 support.

2024 Training (Malaysia / Singapore)

Training dates to be released.