Group Past Life Regression


Are you experiencing a feeling of stuckness in your life and would really like to move forward easily?

Do you have a same recurring dreams that has been happening since childhood and would really like to know what it is?

Have you had experiences where you felt there was a divine intervention?

Would you like to get messages directly from your angel guides?

Would you like to have a sneak peek of your future?

Come and join us in this Past Life Regression experience where I would guide you to your past life, meet your guardian / angel guides for a message and then journey into your future life.

Bring your pen and journal to write down your experiences of your regression.

We will be having a group sharing session after. 

Hi, my name is Ashni and I am a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Level 2 Practitioner. 

QHHT is developed by Dolores Cannon over her 40 years experiences to help people to gain insights into their life through past life regression and connecting with their Higher Self(HS) to gain healing, emotional clearing and ask their HS any questions they had been longing to get answer for all their life. 🙂 Anything is possible in a QHHT session.

A group past life regression is a great taster of a personal QHHT session. 

to book in for your past life regression spot