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Connects and Activates Spiritual DNA – creates Radical Shift in Consciousness

About Pellowah

Pellowah is a pure and high vibrational frequency energy that can help us to make an energetic shift in our consciousness. Pellowah energy activates you from within so you generate and create the light from inside out. The healing is simple, powerful and effective. It provides a feeling of well-being that seems to last and in fact will gets stronger as time goes by, therefore, increasing the capacity for positive change in your life.

Pellowah is an Angelic word for ‘radical shift in consciousness.’ This form of energy healing connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being.

The growth and change brought about by Pellowah help a person build on their old framework without

the trauma. Through this form of healing the client become less involved in other people’s lives. They have a new perspective, therefore making better choices. Pellowah expands their consciousness, helping them to become more objective.

You may be at a point in life where you require clarity in making certain big decisions in life, may be at a cross-roads or crisis, may be dealing with long term or chronic issues or you may be simply looking for a more expanded and fulfilling life. Pellowah creates that expansion in awareness, allowing one to have a higher perspective, therefore, one has the clarity to make a higher choice from the inside out, sustainably. This enables life to unfold with ease and grace. 

Pellowah can be used in distance healing and can also be used to heal children, pets and plants.

Some of the Benefits of Pellowah

  • Clients often feel a sense of lightness and expansion after a Pellowah healing. Some have shared right away of the clarity in the decisions they are making.
  • Pellowah enhances the awareness of our intuition, the internal GPS, making it clear and easy when one is making the right choice and difficult and uncomfortable when one isn’t.
  • When having a Pellowah healing prior to or after a surgery, clients reported a sense of well being and have felt the recovery time was greatly reduced.
  • Pellowah calms the emotions, clears the mind and brings about a sense of self empowerment, inner strength, inner confidence and inner peace, enabling change from the inside out.
  • Pellowah helps with overcoming resistance in various forms – depression, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, guilt – allowing creativity and life to flow with ease and grace. Restfulness gets easier and experiencing deeper sleep becomes much more common.
  • Through the shift in consciousness, Pellowah helps to deepen the meditative state. 
  • Through Pellowah you can experience a greater perspective and a more objective understanding of life, therefore you have the clarity to make higher choices which opens up greater levels of possibilities in life. It helps you to stay on track in life. 
  • The effect of Pellowah brings you a sustainable feeling of connection and well-being that in fact gets stronger with time.
  • Pellowah is a very effective Family Empowerment Tool, allowing parents to care for their children and the ones they love on a deeper level, raising happy children calmer mind and balanced well being. 
  • Pellowah was brought through for the purpose of enlightenment, the healing effects are wonderful by-product of the “shift in consciousness”.

Pellowah Healing Session

Pellowah healing is a non-physical healing practice where there won’t be any physical touch during the healing process. 

It is a quiet session for you to have an individual unique experience.

How the In-Person Session works

It is IMPERATIVE that there is no alcohol or recreational drug in your system 24 hours before and after your Pellowah session, and no essential oil aroma during a Pellowah session. 

You lay comfortably on the massage table, relax and fully clothed during the session. Each session takes about 45 mins – 1 hour where the practitioner channels the Pellowah energy and moves her hand above your body, allowing the Pellowah energy to go where it is most needed. 

When the healing is complete, the practitioner then gently touch you on your shoulder to let you know. You may rest on the table for as long as you need to and only get up when you are ready.

After the session, you may share your experience with your practitioner and she will be open to listen but unable to make any comments. 

Any realisations, insights or awareness you need will be brought to you by the Pellowah Energy without any well-meaning outside input. This is because Pellowah healing is a unique individual experience for you. 

A new lightness and feeling of well-being is very common after the healing session.

Depending on your individual need, generally you will require 1-4 Pellowah sessions to complete a healing. To receive the maximum benefit from the session, it is best to:

  • Keep up your water intake to facilitate the healing
  • Sugar can be very helpful 
  • AVOID any alcohol or illicit drugs for 24 hours (prescribed medication is OK)

Pellowah Distance Healing Session

Pellowah is just as effective when used in distance healing, where you and the practitioner are not in the same room. 

Also perfect for individuals who are time poor.

How the Distance Session works

Similar process is applied

It is IMPERATIVE that there is no alcohol or recreational drug in your system 24 hours before and after your Pellowah distance session.

You will need to prepare your space and lay down comfortably in a quiet environment during an agreed time for the Pellowah healing session. A guideline for space preparation will be provided upon booking. 

You will be notified 15 minutes before the session commences and just right after the session with an after treatment care guideline. 

Pellowah is also very effective for children, pets and plants. Distance healing is preferable when your child / pet is asleep.


"I feel like a new person after each session of Pellowah. My soul is so happy and all pains in my body disappear. My intuitions are heightened. Ashni is a powerful healer even though I live in a different country, I could still receive the healing and I can actually feel her hands moving in my energy field. Thanks Ashni for introducing me to Pellowah! It’s definitely a profound experience!"
For the past 10 months, I can hardly sleep for more than 4 hours, totally unable to relax. Usually my sleep is light and by 1-2 hours’ time and I would be wide awake in the middle of the night, feeling quite heavy emotionally even though my body was really tired. I had spent most of my time caring for my husband who was in the hospital due to his critical physical condition. I was constantly very worried, feeling so stressed out with the situation and often times I couldn’t see the line of sight moving forward in life, I felt like cannot solve anything.

Having heard from Ashni about how Pellowah can help me, I had a session with Ashni on the day my husband passed on. I really needed something to help me to rest and sleep that night. Ashni sent me a distance healing.

During the session, I can feel heat in my whole body and after 1 hour, I was thirsty and I went to drink water. Then I went to lie down, and fell asleep right away. When I woke up, I was surprised that the sun has risen. In this 10 months, this is the first time I woke up to the sun and slept so well. I did not even recall how I fell asleep the night before. Ever since Pellowah, I can sleep for much longer and feel much more rested, about 6-7 hours now.

Pellowah had helped me a lot.

The heaviness on my chest and back is gone, I feel so much lighter and happier. I also feel so much stronger, emotionally and mentally I am clear. I can now see the road ahead and often have a greater sense of detachment. It feels easier to move forward in life in light of my husband’s passing.

These 2 weeks, I feel very happy and feel grateful about life, counting what I have and see the clarity in my work. My life is good. It becomes quite clear and easy for me to make decisions in life, whereas before, I was feeling so scared to. I also feel my physical energy has increased since Pellowah. I feel really good now. I am now much more energetic and also able to relax much easier.

I really appreciate Ashni helping me through my worst and most difficult time.💓
California, USA
"After the Pellowah, I felt more relaxed and I was able to go to therapy. I felt more open to tell my therapist about what I was struggling with, which made it feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have been feeling more positive and motivated lately as well."
California, USA
" I hadn't heard of Pellowah healing before Ma Ashni offered free session to help people on antidepressants.

I received an hour treatment. During which I felt some pressure around head and a general feeling of relaxation.

The next morning I woke up feeling a much lighter mood which lasted all day. I did book a second session as I understand that the help builds up.

Second session much the same. Mood remains better and I'm not so confused about life. I plan to have a minimum of 4 sessions.

I highly recommend to feel session be beneficial to anyone."
Marcia Hime
Missouri, USA
"Ma Ashni Sundaram is such a warm and loving person. I would highly recommend her.

If you are looking and need some healing. She did wonders to my knees and some how I quit smoking. I can't wait for my next appointment."
Renee ricci
Maryland, USA
"Thank you Ma Ashni Sundaram for your energy healing on Sunday - I was very very relaxed during the session and calm and have remained in that state of mind!"​
Jacqueline le Roux
Amanda Meyer

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Pellowah healing is also available for children and pets through mini session.
Permission of parent / owner is required for the mini session to take place.

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