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Natural Healing through the Universal Life Force Energy

“The healer is in relationship with the whole, so he can become a via-media. The healer touches the body of the ill person and becomes a link between him and the source.

The patient is no longer connected directly with the source so he becomes indirectly connected. Once the energy starts flowing, he is healed.”


OSHO Neo Reiki
Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) is a technique rooted in the traditional Japanese 'Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing.'

The Reiki technique had evolved and grown with the presence of OSHO. With his vision of a new man and his instruction on meditations, OSHO brings a new dimension to this ancient healing system.

He has thereofre given his name to Anand Himani in March 1989 for the new Reiki system to be called 'OSHO Neo Reiki.'

As a Osho Neo Reiki Practitioner, I meditate daily and have a spiritual ritual to be in the emptiest and clearest state possible to work very intuitively with the Reiki energy. My purpose is to be a pure channel to connect you to the Reiki energy to enable the healing to happen within your system.
Osho Neo Reiki session
You will be fully clothed, lying comfortably for about an hour for the session to take place. It can be a hand on or hands off session. Distance healing is possible.

During this energetic therapy, you will experience the connection to the Universal Energy. A Reiki therapy often feels very nurturing with a warm and gentle energy flows through you, around you and cocooning you in comfort. The energy treats you as a whole in your bodymind and spirit, bringing these bodies into alignment for you to feel restorative and Whole.

In Sundaram Space, Ashni incorporates the use of Aura Soma, high quality essential oil and energetic spray to cleanse the energetic body prior to the session. This enable you to feel very relax as you journey in to enjoy your Reiki therapy.
Benefits of OSHO Neo Reiki therapy:-
✤ Experience deep restoration
Increase in energy level and flow
Enable and accelerate self-healing
Promotes the feeling of relaxation, very effective for stress
Relieves pain in bodymind
Dissolves any energetic blocks
Calms the emotions
Greater connection to Source
Increases awareness
Positively changes your life

osho neo reiki therapy

30 mins session : $ 77
60 mins session : $110
90 mins session : $165

Special package

3 x 60 mins session : $300
3 x 90 mins session : $450

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