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21-day Meditation – Laughters, Tears and Silence 

“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one... it is the first major breakthrough since Vipassana 25 centuries ago”

A Meditative Therapy

The Meditative Therapies - a name coined by Osho - are processes for freeing our energies, to renew vitality and to create space for silence. They work energetically, by-passing the conscious, analytical mind. They are therefore clear, pure processes where individuals are connecting directly with their own energy, without any interference or intervention from a facilitator (only in a very rare circumstances where guidance is needed).

Osho Mystic Rose is the first and most central of Meditative Therapies created by Osho. He pointed out that our vitality has been squashed by lifetimes of repressed laughter and repressed pain and sadness that hang around us, layer upon layer. By digging through these layers, we will regain our life energy and our innocence.

Osho Mystic Rose is a 21-day process.
You will go through a different process each week.

How Does it Work?


For the first 7 days the focus is Laughter. 

For 3 hours, simply laugh, for no reason at all. 


For the second 7 days, the focus is Tears :
Crying,  Allowing Hurt, Pain, Sadness.

For 3 hours, give attention to these depths, these wounds, and allow the tears to come.

MR - Watcher

The Watcher on the Hill

The third 7 days is The Watcher in the Hill, a chance to drop into the detached space of meditation, and watch all the emotions move and change without participation. 

Any experience that is not fully lived are stored in the body as repressed emotions in our bodymind, manifesting dis-ease.
In every moment of our life, these repressed emotions, un-lived experiences are wanting to come up to spent itself.
They present themselves as 'triggers'.
Once these emotions are totally spent, they are released from our system for good.
This allows our bodymind and spirit to come into alignment, therefore our inherent well being can be experienced in our every day life.
“The repressed part remains a burden because it has not been absorbed. Once absorbed it releases great energy in you. It makes you vital, it makes you passionate, it makes you throbbing with infinite life.”
Osho Mystic Rose is a safe space and a transformative opportunity to allow the clearing of the cumulative repression to happen. After the cleansing process in the first two weeks, it allows the energy to settle in the system, creating space for Silence in the third week.
Unlike conventional therapy, this process does not involve any word, advice, discussion or analysis.

The Laughter, Tears and Silence works energetically and it only requires your sincere willingness and total participation in the process.

The process works by itself and you will be totally transformed and deeply healed through it.

OSHO on mystic rose

To read Osho's words on the Mystic Rose process, click below.

OSHO mystic rose taster

Regular Osho Mystic Rose tasters are now available in Brisbane.

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Radical Inner Transformation through
Laughters | Tears | Silence

An OSHO Mystic Rose is a Safe Space of Total Freedom for you to transform.

A 21-day OSHO Mystic Rose retreat around Brisbane is currently in planning for August 2019.

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