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Australian Bush Flower Essences, Spiritual Essences and more

Essences are very powerful tools to unlock your full potential.
They dissolve negative beliefs and create balanced emotional health & well being!

Introducing Essences...

Essences are vibrational therapy which works on your subconscious mind to energetically release specific negative emotions. When the negative emotions are released, your body, mind and spirit comes into balance, therefore, your inherent positive states of well being is enhanced.

Essences are great support for the following aspects:-

Essences in
Sundaram Space

Sundaram Space has an extensive and complete range of vibrational essences to support you in restoring balance in your emotional well being. 

There are a wealth of 87 essences to choose from.

A Collection of 69 Flower Essences from Australian Bush
A Collection of 4 Elemental Essences & 3 Spiritual Essences from sacred site around the world
A Collection of 7 Spiritual Essences from sacred site around the world
A Spiritual Essence - gentler introduction to Solar Logos
A Spiritual Essence - Energy from the Heart of the Divine
A Spiritual Essence - Energy of our Mother Earth
A Spiritual Essence - Energy of the Divine Being, Isis, The embodiment of the Divine Feminine

To learn how these essences can assist you, book a complimentary session below. 

An Essence Therapy Session

Each Essence Therapy session is unique as it is a journey of an individual's path. An Essence Therapy session includes Holistic Counselling and a Personal Essence Remedy crafted just for you. You will experience a safe space of Relaxed Total Freedom for self expression to explore issue that is most important to you in the moment. Depending on the individual, each session can be 30mins or 1 hour.

You will be guided intuitively through a powerful journey of Self Awareness to gain greater clarity for practical resolution to the underlying cause of the issue.

Ashni will then create your Personal Essence Remedy for you to enjoy at home to support you through the dissolutions, enabling you to make new lifestyle decisions and breakthrough to be the next version of your best self. You will take about 2 weeks to work with each personal remedy.

A 30 mins follow up consultation at the completion of the remedy is recommended to discuss how the essence had work for you and to celebrate the new you!

essence therapy

✤   Consultation   

30 Mins session   :   $ 88
60 Mins session   :   $120
Consultation is available in person or globally via Zoom / Skype

Prior to your consultation, it is a good idea to have an intent for your session 

✤   Essence Remedy   

30 mL of Essence cost between $30 to $40
If Essence bottle requires posting within Australia, the cost of postage and packaging is $10
For International posting, the cost will be advised. 

✤   Payment Options   

Australian Clients – Payment via Bank Transfer or Credit Card
International Clients – Payment via Paypal or Credit Card 

✤   To Make a Booking   

Deepening into your essence journey

A 4-week private journey to deepen into your inner self with 2 essences personally crafted for you.

In this private journey, you will have private access to Ashni and receive the following support to gain daily clarity, insight and establish a new empowered lifestyle:-

✤ 2 x 30mL essences, personally crafted for you
4 x Tailored meditations to specifically support your needs along your journey
Resources catered to support your unique requirement and enhance your skillset
✤ Daily online private check-in
2 x 30min private holistic session
(1st session to take place 1 week before embarking on the journey, 2nd session to take place 2 weeks into the journey)
A Surprise Celebration Gift at the end of your journey to celebrate the new you!

Instead of $666, the cost of this journey is only $333**

To enquire further, book a Complimentary 15 mins Consultation

Ready to deepen your essence journey? Make a booking below.

If you’d like to stay in touch of any new adventures happening within Sundaram Space, you’re welcome to provide your details in the Lounge page. ​