energetic spa™ for your Soul

calm your mind   •   boost your energy   •   boost your productivity

2 hour advanced energetic mini retreats that care for your mental health as well as your nervous system

Are you afraid of burning yourself out again to make more money?

Do you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to focus long enough to be productive?

Or do you keep putting off that one task that you know you need to do but just can’t do it?

You can continue to pump adrenaline to keep you going
or you can start calming down your system today and avoid burnout

When you book in one of these mini retreats, you’re going to experience the quintessential of self care.

One that does what you actually need.


You personal vibration will be raised and 

you will be deeply soothed on a deep Soul level, leaving you feeling…

to take bold, productive actions in your life and your Soul business

without botheration, resistance or procrastination.

For your first mini retreat,  you will enjoy $50 off.


Calm your mind and your nervous system significantly.
Diminish over analysing habit.
Boost your clarity and intuition.


Experience Rapid Resistance Release™. Dissolve the unconscious procrastination pattern.
Boost your productivity.


Clear energy blockages, realign your energy bodies and elevate your personal vibration.
Boost your energy.


Release the energetic cause of physical aches and pains, establish new strategy to support ongoing healing.
Boost your self care.


Release sleep nervousness, realign your sleeping pattern and establish a new sleeping rhythm.
Boost your restfulness.


Release blocks to meditation, deepen meditative state, experience intuitive download in your own privacy.
Boost your state of Consciousness.

The results are lasting. 

They don’t diminish and you will notice a significant change within you. 

To access your $50 discount voucher for your first mini retreat, include your details below.