Welcome to a 6 week Transformative Meditation Journey (FULL)

There are so many meditation groups around for you to cultivate calmness. 
So how do you know if this would be what you’re looking for? 
When you first get into meditation, it is difficult to get into the space of silence because of the tension and the emotional suppression that had been held within far too long. 
You want to be able to throw out all your stress and tension FIRST then getting into that space of stillness is far easier, making your meditation more effective and enjoyable. 
As OSHO would put it, Vipassana is a beautiful meditation for the people living during Buddha’s time. People then are far simpler than us, the modern mankind. 

We have been constantly bombarded with continuous information and stimulation over a prolonged period of time that it feel very difficult to get into the state of silence. 
This is where my 6 weeks Transformative Meditation Journey is different. 
Each meditation is unique unto itself, allowing you to throw out all the tensions, stress and release your emotions through laughters, tears, breathing, movement and partners’ work. 
This group starts with where you are and allow you this beautiful cocoon as your safe space for self exploration and transformation. 
There is no right or wrong technique. Only an open mind, willingness and totality are required. 

As a group, we will collectively release our emotions by:-

  • Laughing to our heart’s content!
  • Crying our heart out! 
  • Throwing our anger out with confidence
  • Screaming and yelling all the suppressed words that had our throat chakra blocked
  • Meet your angel guide!
  • Dance and celebrate freely
During these 6 weeks, we will integrate experiential education with active meditation to explore the different aspects of yourselves and deepen your understanding. 

Week 1: Osho Mystic Rose taster – Laughters, Tears & Silence Meditative Therapy

Week 2: Emotions and Its Energetics 

Week 3: Intuition and Clair Senses

Week 4: Heart Coherence & Intuitive Expression

Week 5: Group Past Life Regression & Meeting your Guide

Week 6: Surprise Celebration! 


We will start each week with a dance and group sharing. Blindfolds for the process is available if you need it. 

We will end our 6-weeks journey with a beautiful and unique meditation of self celebration! 


The result of each week is a building block to your next, compounding its effect for you to:-

  • feel greater calmness and deeper relaxation 
  • feel lighter and happier in your daily life
  • greater clarity to see live in new perspectives
  • experience a deeper sense of aliveness, greater vitality and well being
  • feel more centred in your heart
  • feel more confident to follow your intuition
  • have greater ability to take inspired actions
  • expands your appreciation for yourself 
  • FREE being yourself!
This is an intimate group journey for 6 women. There are 5 spaces available for booking.
This journey begins every Friday evening from 18 October – 22 November at Stretch Yoga in Holland Park. 
The time for each session is as below:
18 Oct:  6:30-9:30pm (3hrs)
25 Oct: 7:00-9:30pm (2.5hrs)
1 Nov: 7:00-9:30pm (2.5hrs)
8 Nov: 7:00-9:30pm (2.5hrs)
15 Nov: 7:30-10:00pm (2.5hrs)
22 Nov: 7:00-9:30pm (2.5hrs)

What to wear: Appropriate, comfortable loose clothing that you can breathe easy for dance and active meditations

What to bring: Water, Journal and Pen. 


The cost for the 6 weeks is $225. 

Fortnightly payment plan is available. Pay $75 today and jump in to join me next Friday for our first OSHO Mystic Rose taster – laughing and crying meditation! 😀 


OSHO Mystic Rose taster can be a strong energetic process and works best with a clear body system without alcohol or drugs. It is best for individuals who are in their natural health state. 

For individuals on medications, have high blood pressure, epilepsy or any other major medical conditions, it is best to check with your doctor and get a letter of consent from him/her before joining this process. 

This event is for 18 years old and above. 

This meditation group is currently filled.
however, a group past life regression is available on 15 nov.

If you are interested in the next
6-Weeks Transformative Meditation group,
you're welcome to provide your details below to keep in touch