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Advanced energetic transformation and private mentorship for creative professionals

Want to constantly feel comfortable in your skin to speak with authenticity, deliver highly esteemed signature work and make a stronger income with your unique expertise?

Designed to develop your consciousness, supercharge your intuitive clarity and teach you to master your personal energy & emotions on a weekly basis to stay on track, operate on higher level of creative flow and begin taking consistent bold actions effortlessly.

Want to feel super zen to take new, bold and productive actions to consistently stand out in your expertise, make positive lasting impact with your signature work and grow to your income to a higher bracket?

Then, this Luminary™ private programme is for you.

This deeply transformative and growth focused mentorship provides you with unique-to-you strategy to suit your energetic level, energetic capacity and energetic potential.

You know your creativity and innovative talent inspires, transforms and empowers your people and you want to do it for the long haul.

You want to make a sustainable, ever growing and effortless income with your signature work and be widely known for it to bring positive lasting change in this world.

You know you’re smart, full of fire and not afraid of hard work.
You’re committed to reaching your highest potential and fulfill your purpose this lifetime.

Sometimes you think to yourself, "I really don't want to be laying on my death bed realising that I have not done what I've came here to do."

So you keep pushing yourself forward, keep meditating and keep seeking for the next level of growth.

You showed up for your business, spruced up your website, collaborated with your colleagues and even went on several podcasts, summits or exhibitions to spread your work far and wide.

You actively fine tune your brand messaging, positioning and strategy to stand out from the crowd, to be seen for your creative innovation and to make strides in your income to expand your brand influence.

You really want to do good in this world and spread only positivity.

While you’ve achieved a level of success, you also feel really tired, drained and exhausted most of the days. Some nights you lay awake trying to meditate to go to sleep.

Prepping yourself up to expand your business feels like a dread yet this work used to LIGHT. YOU. UP.

You being you.. you get up yet another day, give yourself a pep talk and go the extra mile to see what you can make of yourself.

You thought to yourself, "I've had these extensive experiences behind me and I know I'm competent. If this is what I’m meant to do, why can’t it be easy, fun and filled with joy ALL THE TIME???"

Why does it have to feel SO hard?!?


Maybe you’ve been told that growing a successful business is the biggest personal and professional development journey anyone can be on.

You need to constantly work on your mindset, keep developing your skillsets, push yourself out of your comfort zone and take BIG actions to go to the next level.

You went ALL IN for SO MANY YEARS and it felt really hard.

You lost your steam.
You got burnt out.
Frankly, you feel really frustrated and overwhelmed.
You don't want to be behind on your promises.
And you don't want to spread yourself so thin again and wreck your nervous system.

And now you’re looking for expert support to learn an easier way of being.
Someone or something to help you stay consistently aligned, centred and balanced to stay on track and reach your goal.

You want to bring back the joy of doing what you love, have FUN innovating your creative ideas to evolve your signature work and actually feel at ease generating MORE income without having you feel drained, pained or going up and down the roller coaster ride.

You’re looking for that holistic, spiritually focused and action oriented support with energetic expertise that will transform those brick walls into a solid platform you can stand and shine on.

Support that is so simple and effective that it produces powerful and profound results in you that you can start to operate on a higher level of productivity, efficiency and empowerment.

Imagine BEING in that constant elevated flow of creative intelligence and feeling super zen on the inside that...

➜ no matter what stressful thing you have to do on the outside

no matter what challenges are coming your way

and no matter how new and unknown a situation you find yourself in

you are able to take the correct actions efficiently, professionally and authentically.

The Zen that is so untouchable that enables you to grow your brand, spread your message and deliver your expertise globally while still sleeping like a baby at night.

Whether you need to speak on stage, get interviewed on live camera, pitch yourself to the person you have high regards for, receive raving reception globally or have BIG SUM of money coming your way...
you feel imperturbable on the inside - ZENNN, extremely stable and naturally assured within yourself that you still remain humble and greatly self empowered.


I love working with Ma Ashni! She has helped me overcome so many of my FB Live blocks and now I'm running live online workshops and loving it!! I love, love, love her work!!! Ashni's work has propelled my business in ways I never thought possible. Ashni's sessions are so powerful in shifting those old beliefs that keep us stuck. I was the girl that stared at the record button for hours. Now I get excited about hitting record...thank you so much Ashni

Imagine that growing your business finally feel so easy and so effortless that:

• you can make complex business decisions with great ease and confidence that you don’t even think twice anymore because your intuition is SO CLEAR and your mind is focused.

you finished up your day feeling like you've accomplished your goals, full of calm and feeling super inspired to do it all over again tomorrow!

you feel SO comfortable in your own skin to walk up on stage and speak right to the heart and Soul of your audience that they remember you, your message and the brilliant thing that you do

you feel at ease and empowered to express yourself with authority, authenticity and empathy that you are continuously making positive lasting impacts in your field and in your people that your community really trust and respect you

you are working with the people that you genuinely look forward to seeing and their eye light up when they see you coming

your most valued clients are raving about your work across the globe singing praises about you to their clients, colleagues and communities

your creativity are oozing through every fibre of your being that you're innovating your unique body of work, launching a more evolved service and truly strengthening your personal brand that will be your unmistakable legacy for you and your family.

your business is growing leaps and bounds yet you're putting your feet up on a Saturday morning with a cup of chai in your hand because you have a ZERO HOMEWORK business lifestyle!

And now, the real problems you actually have is deciding which platform to bring your signature work to, choosing who to collaborate with and innovating new ways to make greater impact far and wide in the most meaningful fashion that you've envisioned.


A powerful private mentorship that develops your consciousness, attunes your intuition and teaches you to master your personal energy and emotions so you can consistently stand out, deliver your expertise and be widely known for your signature work.

Say goodbye to stuck-ness, obstacles and resistances.

Say hello to flow, ease and effortlessness while breaking through your goals and make the real difference you're here to make.


My 3-month journey with Ashni has been transformative. I went from hiding myself and playing small to really stepping into the real me and being proud to share myself with the world. I overcame fears of what people will think of me, of how I may be challenged, of sales conversations and of asking for what I really want (or better!). My growth has been gentle yet huge.
My intuition completely opened up and flowed through my healing sessions with clients like someone had flicked a switch. When I go to record videos now I don't feel nervous or concerned about what I'm going to say. Ashni is such a warm, loving and wise woman. I highly recommend her beautiful energy work and working with this glorious soul.
Bex Allen
Artist, Healing Guide (New Zealand)

In Luminary™ private programme

You will experience practical, tangible outcomes of my unique flavour of advanced energetic transformation.

My proprietary Rapid Resistance Release™ system will get you into zen productivity state by sitting on your butt or laying on your back. As a result, you will experience the magic of quantum energetics transformation materialising within the pillars of Intuitive Abundance Mastery™ that will propel your business growth.

You will learn to master your energy, build your energetics foundation and sustain your energetic momentum on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Want to maintain a calm mind with strong focus to naturally take new, bold and productive actions consistently?

Here are a few elements we can work together


Develop energetic foundation that supports you to grow your zen level of productivity


Supercharge your intuition and boost your mental clarity


Ignite your soul energy so your self expression flow with authenticity, power and authority


Alchemise your personal energetics and magnetic qualities to develop strong connection with your people and sustain it for the long haul


Energetics and Mentoring Sessions

We will cycle in a 4-week rhythm during the Luminary™ private programme.

In the first week, you will have a 2-hr energetic mini retreat and map out your energetic plan for the month. Every week thereafter, you’ll have a 45-min weekly session to build your energetic momentum.

Home Support

You will have private access to Rapid Resistance Release™ recordings during the duration of the programme for energetic support at home.

Personal & Business Energetics Alignment

We will use your astrology charts as a mentoring guide for your personal and business energetic alignment.

Weekly Action Plan & Accountability

You will have access to your weekly action plan to track and update your weekly progress.

Voice and Camera Confidence Development

You will have a private platform to develop your natural voice and your authority on camera.

LUMINARY is a private transformation and growth programme that delivers gentle and profound experiences that are very different from anything you've ever experienced before.

• Personalised to your unique and evolving needs

Attuned to suit your energetic level, capacity and potential

Designed towards breaking through your business goals

3 month programme: $3888 pay in full or $1333 per month
6 month programme: $6888 pay in full or $1238 per month

NEXT INTAKE: 22 Mar 2023

Ma Ashni Sundaram Mindvalley

Hi, my name is Ashni.

I grew up attuned to the energetic realms and my academic development was in science and engineering.

In 2015, I left my engineering job with Honeywell to travel around the world alone. I discovered leading-edge energy medicine, active meditations and spiritual studies that really transformed, mesmerised and continue to intrigue me.

Sundaram Space found me and I spent the next 7 years delving into energy medicine, meditations and continuous spiritual transformations to develop my energetic skills and understanding while building my energetic based business.

I was professionally and privately trained in more than 10 modalities by leading academies, obscure mystics and modern days spiritual teachers while deepening my energetic understanding on my own.

My skills encompass quantum energetic healing, quantum hypnosis (including past life regression), clear channelling, spiritual kinesiology, spiritual astrology and vibrational remedies. My expertise is established in consciousness expansion and quantum energetics transformation with developing skills in gamma brain wave training.

I’ve been supporting creative entrepreneurs to develop their business, master their energy and generate abundance to break through their income level. Many of them were able to attract their VIP clients and made their record month without a solid business strategy or any consistent social media content.

Through my intense explorations, work and experimentations in the energetic realms, I know for sure that by tending to your personal and business energetics, you can achieve effective results using the least amount of effort and in the shortest period of time. And enhancing your well being in the process. 

Unlimited possibilities are available for all of us in the energetic realms.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs like you to comfortably monetise your gifts, talents and creativity with ease and make more positive, lasting impact in this world through the combined power of Rapid Resistance Release™ and Intuitive Abundance Mastery™. 

This is for you if

• you want to grow beyond long drawn mindset work

• you are developing and evolving your signature work

you knew you're a superstar inside

you are not afraid of hard work

• you are an ALL IN type of individual

• you committed to taking required actions

• you want to finish up this life fully living the totality of the vision and your potential

• you are not willing to let your childhood determine what you truly deserve in life

This is NOT for you if

• you are not open to advanced energy work

• you think this is going to work for everyone but you

• you expect the energy to do everything for you

• you expect miracles that is beyond your current energetic level & capacity

• you are not ready to change

• you still want to do things the hard and difficult way

• you are not teachable

A note on this advanced energetic mentorship

I only take a maximum of 5 committed creative impact makers at one time upon successful interview. Application is open all year round and you will be on a waiting list until a spot is available.

Acceptance into the Luminary™ private programme is based on the following pre-requisites:
1. Application for Luminary™ private programme
2. A comprehensive Energetic Assessment
3. A successful Luminary interview

This is a profoundly transformative and deeply supportive programme that is carefully designed to support your energetic transformations and keeping an eye on your energetic shifts on a week-to-week basis.

The journey requires crystal clear vision, on going commitments and mutual understanding of programme requirements for us for the smoothest and most fun, co-creative experience in reaching your goal.

So, please apply only if you’re 100% committed to creating your new beginnings and ready to elevate to new heights within yourself, your business and your bank account.

You must have a carefully crafted business strategy to reach your income goal OR you are actively working with a business mentor to build your business foundation and strategy.

When you work with me, you are committed to rise through your personal challenges with an open and willing attitude and I am committed to rise through them with you 100%.

When we couple our laser sharp focus, unyielding commitments and your consistent actions with my advanced energetic power, intuitive mentoring and broader and wider insights, you will feel empowered to grow into the next stage and be the Luminary that you are born to be.

Ready to be the shining expert in your industry?


“Before working with Ashni, I had fears about showing my work. I was feeling that no body would understand my work and appreciate my work as I often felt I was not accepted for my original self or my authentic work.
I felt the work was too complex, too different, unorthodox.
During our sessions she helped me to feel accepted, safe and in control within my self. Deep feeling of connection to my self and having no judgement of my work helped me achieve 3 goals we set out before our session.
Since then I established an Instagram account for my work, I purchased a new interface for my website and employed some one to execute it, I shared my work on Facebook with my family and friends. I also submitted proposals to galleries for future exhibitions.
Working with Ashni has made the tasks I had difficulty with seem lighter, easy, effortless and fast.
If anyone is considering working with Ashni, I would highly recommend having a session sooner than later as these sessions build momentum and help you cut through all the clutter and achieve specific, measurable goals.”

Luminary™ private programme is designed to keep you consistently calm, centred and energised to accelerate you to reach your personal / business goal.

Are you ready to create this unique energetic alchemy together?

Our Committed Values and Mission

We know: that the Universe is supremely abundant and this unlimited abundance is available for everyone who allows themselves to have it. We know how to help you to master your energy and generate abundance with ease and consistency.

We believe: that prioritising your energetic well being and Soul connection are keys to effectively breakthrough your income level with ease, efficiency and effortlessness.

We help: creatives and experts to accelerate and sustain the greater success they're creating while boosting their sanity and well being.

We help you through: our 1:1, retreats and workshops that teach you to calm your mind, master your energy and supercharge your intuition to breakthrough your personal, business and money obstacles with confidence.

We create an environment where: everyone feels at ease to be their whole selves, appreciate and respect each other's uniqueness; and celebrate each others' breakthroughs.

We respect your Business and Soul's path: We know that your business journey and your Soul path are very unique to you so we tailor each private session and retreat to suit your evolving needs. We embrace each step of the unfolding of your journey with you.

We enjoy: laughing so hard that we cry, calling a spade a spade, living outside the everyday mediocre world, consciousness exploration in the quantum field, relaxing in nature, wuwei-ing through our day, sacred feminine dance, cuddling with dogs and watching epic romance in Korean series.

We value: Intelligence, Respect, Growth, Transformation, Mastery and Innovation.

We will know our work has been successful when: you're getting very recognised for your signature style of work globally and making the money you deserve. You feel like you're living out your purpose and leaving a legacy.

If our values are also in alignment with yours, apply for Luminary today.