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Speak and Shine Online Session

Complimentary upon application for a limited time - REGULAR PRICE $180

The key to get your business off the ground is to maintain your state of being in peak performance without stress while speaking about yourself, your Soul work and your Soulful offers to an audience of 0 or 10,000. 
And if you’d like to be in a state of peak performance without stress consistently to show up online and grow your speaking confidence on camera, I can help you! 
I work on :
– relieving your physical chronic aches, pain or stress
– realigning on your energetic bodies
– releasing the subconscious resistances
– boost your intuition
– dissolves negative emotions 
raise your consciousness 
to enable you to have lasting inner confidence and calmness to show up and speak online.  
I am currently offering my Speak and Shine Online Session for women who are ready to do consistent videos and FB Lives to build their visibility in their online business and get more clients.  
If this is you, apply now for your 60m free session. 
 There are only 5 spots available. 

pellowah level 1 & 2 workshops (Brisbane, australia)

Pellowah is 100% pure and high vibrational energy that creates ‘radical shift in consciousness’. This form of energy work connects 12 strands of your energetic DNA, ready for activations. During this Pellowah Level 1 & 2 training, you will be attuned to Pellowah, therefore be able to share Pellowah with your family, clients, animal pets and even friends. This workshop is for your personal and spiritual expansion, enabling you to increase your capacity to hold more light. 
Click below to learn more about the workshop.
Dates for Pellowah Weekend Workshops
2021 Trainings
18 & 19 Sep 2021
16 & 17 Oct 2021
20 & 21 Nov 2021
11 & 12 Dec 2021
To sign up for the workshop, please contact me directly.