Application for Abundance Energetic Mastery™ private programme is now open

Abundance Energetic Mastery™

Master your energy • Generate Abundance • Make more impact

Ready to master your energy and become energetically magnetic to attract clients and money consistently?

This 6-month private programme is designed to help intuitive entrepreneurs to master their energy and breakthrough personal, business and money obstacles so that they can accelerate their business to achieve their income goal with ease and confidence.

You have business strategies and your laser sharp intuition is telling you that you need 1:1 support but not from a regular person. 


You want someone who is very tuned in to different energies and have a level of mastery in their own energetic journey to hold a strong space for you.


You know your business is your soul purpose, your magic have change lives and now you’re fully committed to expand further to reach your highest potential and make really big impact worldwide.


You’ve put all your heart and soul into your business and have had big success but you want to be able to maintain that level of success and go beyond it while keeping your health and sanity. 


You’ve worked out your niche and the area you want to make an impact but need a combination of intuitive business strategy, energetic guidance, mentoring and transformation to get you to your next level in business. 


And now, you’re ready to break free from this feast and famine cycle and end this wild emotional roller coaster ride. 

I get it.

Growing a soul-driven business can be extremely challenging both physically, mentally and energetically.

And you’re not alone.

Many of us have gone through the days when we kept coming across obstacles after obstacles even though we’ve trained ourselves and signed up for countless courses, memberships, training, mentoring to help us and our business grow.

They key is really in mastering your energy and align with abundance consciousness first so that you become really magnetic and in the flow to attract more clients, money and resources while doing less than you are right now.
Because I’ve done this for myself and helped other intuitive entrepreneurs just like you to do the same, even when they do not have a business strategy.

Are you ready to create this energetic alchemy together?


Abundance Energetic Mastery™

A high touch 6-month support that teaches you to master your energy and break through your personal, business and money obstacles with confidence.

Say goodbye to hustling for money and hello to reaching your income goal with ease.

Abundance energetics mastery is a deeply transformative programme designed to suit your unique and evolving needs.

It delivers a significant transformation in a gentle way that is beyond what you've experienced out there.

You are provided with what you need to accelerate your business towards your income goal:
- quantum energetics work
- intuitive business strategy
- energetics tool
- high touch support
- unconventional mentoring for effective development of personal, business and energetic skills

so that you attract more clients and make the money you deserve in the most efficient way.

Hi, my name is Ashni and for the last year, I’ve been helping intuitive entrepreneurs to be energetically magnetic to attract their clients and achieve their income goal. I teach them to master their energy and break through their personal, business and money energetics obstacles with confidence. 


In fact, within the last 6 months, I’ve helped my clients who have had been no sale and no clients for months to get really great results:

  • grew their visibility and actually get seen by their potential clients
  • attracted big ticket clients and business opportunities unexpectedly
  • achieved more than 10k month between 1-5mths of working together


But it hasn’t always been this way for me. 

I used to struggle with getting clients and making money in my business even though I’ve signed up for countless personal, business and spiritual courses, training, mentoring programmes and memberships. And it wasn’t until I found the formula to convert cold clients online to VIP paying clients that everything changed. 

I’ve since gone on to reach my 5 figure month and feel that it was actually so easy. 

That’s why I’m on a mission to help women like you who are building a business to create global impact to master your energetics to attract VIP clients and make more money the easy way through the power of Abundance Energetics Mastery™. 



Interview for suitability is now open.

Suitable candidates will be offered Intuitive Business Acceleration Strategy Call.

I will help you to get clarity of your income goal, where you are right now and
propose a few strategies for you to get there.

Are you ready to create this energetic alchemy together?

Benefits of this programme

Develop superconscious intuition
Capacity to generate energy of abundance
Tools and technique to support you to generate energy of abundance

Are you ready to achieve your best income month?