Want to get your MOJO up?


Do you want to have sharper focus to take efficient actions?

Would you like to have more energy to keep up with the curve balls coming at you? 

Or, do you want to have lasting calmness and clarity to zen through your day? 

I can help. 

I can tailor an easy, efficient and effective energetic solution that supports your mental and emotional well being.

Based in Brisbane, I am a multi-modalities holistic practitioner who

combines the science of quantum energetics and meditation with spiritual kinesiology. 

I support women to enhance their personal, spiritual and business well being with lasting results. 


It can feel overwhelming and a chore if it isn't filling you up fast enough.

I understand the challenge.

If you’re wearing too many hats and
still need to bring in the money for your family and business, 
proper self care usually doesn’t get to the top until one comes close to a tipping point and burnt out.

But it doesn’t have to be way.
You can have a self care that gives you lasting result so that you can avoid that tipping point altogether

And I know that you don’t have the luxury to go to that tipping point because you have so much on your plate. 


This is why I’ve formulated this advanced level of self care for you


energetic spa™
for your Soul

• calm your mind
• elevate your energy
• boost your productivity

Designed for action oriented entrepreneurs to power through your to do list without sacrificing your sanity.

This unique energetic spa works on the advanced level of your energetic well being.

This is a simple and effortless pathway to create positive energetic shifts in a very short amount of time, giving you powerful, immediate and lasting calmness.

You’ll feel calmly energised and highly productive that 

you get lots of stuff done without realising. 

Energetic Well Being
is the CORE of SELF CARE

This advanced level gives you powerful, immediate and lasting results.

When I work on the advanced level of your energetic well being,
I can strategically calibrate the energetic valves in
more than one of these aspects of you, producing very powerful, combined effects.




Energy Bodies

Physical Body

Nervous System

This advanced energetic transformation also works on expanding your Consciousness

You'll become
a more zen version of yourself in these 90 minutes together

Formulated to be the quintessential soul care,
Energetic Spa for Your Soul™ will leave you feeling MORE so you can create MORE with ease

How these mini retreats work

Step 1: 

Tell me about you

You and Outcome

Step 2: 


Self and space

Step 3:

Mini Retreat Part 1 



Step 4:

Mini Retreat Part 2

Advanced Energetic Transformation

Step 5: 

Mini Retreat Part 3

Completion and Celebration


Complete your booking form with as much relevant details as possible and focus on your desired tangible outcome in mind.

Prepare yourself and your space for your mini retreat. 

Guidelines will be provided in appointment email and it is important to follow them in detail.

 During your mini retreat, we’ll have a chat about your current situation and I’ll listen to your need and priorities before getting into the advanced energetic work. 

You’ll be relaxing and lying down for the most part of the retreat while I transform your energetics for you. 

Depending on what we are working on, some parts of the energetic work involves back and forth conversation and some part is just pure silence.

Your mini retreat is now complete. 

It is best to take it easy, nurture yourself with beautiful food and replenish your system with plenty of nourishing water after this mini retreat.

And within 90mins, you will feel clearer, calmer and MORE confident.

About Ashni

Hi. My name is Ashni.

I help you to enhance your personal, spiritual and business well being so that you have aligned Soul energy to take important actions in your business with ease.

I use my background in engineering along with my knowledge in quantum energetics to energetically engineer your personal energetic and advance your well being.

I am a multi-modalities holistic practitioner who is professionally and privately trained by leading academies and mystery schools since my active, solo spiritual quests around the world in 2015.

My esoteric skills encompass quantum energetic healing, quantum hypnosis, Rapid Resistance Release™, spiritual kinesiology, spiritual astrology and vibrational remedies.

My core expertise is established in getting my clients into the quantum field and operate through gamma brain wave consciousness for everyday calmness and improved productivity state.

Why I am so passionate about your energetic well being.

When I first started my Soul business, I was struggling to focus and be productive in my business.
I would either start-stop-start-stop with my progress or I would PUSH myself to get stuff done and that wasn't sustainable for my long term vision.

Business didn't feel easy or fun as I had thought and it was often overwhelming.

I really couldn't understand WHY at first.

I was highly efficient and effective as an engineer and I got some of the most complex stuff done so rapidly that my senior colleagues and managers were intrigued and impressed. That had me receive my technical excellence award first year into my graduate programme alongside my engineering manager.

But I struggled to do the simple tasks in my business.
Like sending an invoice or an email.
And I trembled when $1000 sale first came my way.
Sometimes, it was really paralysing.
It was SO UNPRODUCTIVE to operate in that way.

I tried a wide range of amazing therapies to calm me down.
It wasn't until I cracked the code to work strategically on the advanced level of my energetic well being that EVERYTHING changed.

I've since developed a strong energetic resilience that I can handle bigger sum of money now without affecting my nervous system. I find myself being highly productive even in the most stressful situations and able to make new and bold decision in the process.

I've hit multiple best income months ever since. As I'm writing this, Nov 2021 is yet another of my highest income month to date. And now my clients are going through similar experiences.

The more I enhance my energetic well being, the more my business grow with ease.

Because when our energetic level is in the flow, everything is easy.

That's why I'm so passionate about you having THIS advanced level of energetic well being as your quintessential soul care so that you can feel calm, up your mojo and productivity through the power of Energetic Spa for your Soul™.

90-min Energetic Spa for Your Soul™ mini retreat

This is for you if

• you want a simple, efficient and effective way to reset and fill yourself up

• you want to get clarity and calmness that you don't lose overtime

• you have tried everything you've known to calm your mind and gain productivity

This is NOT for you if

• you don't appreciate energy work

• you refuse to follow simple guidelines and want complicated ways of working

• there isn't a mutual feeling that we can work well together

Soul Clients' Real Experiences

The clarity and calm I experienced after just one mini retreat left me hungry for more.

It’s really hard to describe the transformation I felt after just one mini retreat with Ashni.
The clarity and calm I experienced after just one mini retreat left me hungry for more, so much so that I now have weekly sessions with Ashni.
Ashni's mini retreat is amazing and Ashni is so lovely and generous with her sessions – thank you so much Ashni
Amanda Meyer
Home Organisation Coach, founder of Happy Home Solution

I had a lot of aha moments and really connected with that part of me that is hard to put into words.

I had a session with Ashni and it was amazing. I had a lot of aha moments and really connected with that part of me that is hard to put into words. Ashni was so patient with me. I am extremely grateful for this experience and highly recommend Ashni if you need to get to the nitty gritty of what is holding you back. Ashni makes everything seem so simple.
Dianne Elson
EMF Expert

These sessions build momentum and help you cut through all the clutter and achieve specific, measurable goals. ​

“Before working with Ashni, I had fears about showing my work. I was feeling that no body would understand my work and appreciate my work as I often felt I was not accepted for my original self or my authentic work. I felt the work was too complex, too different, unorthodox.
During our sessions she helped me to feel accepted, safe and in control within my self. Deep feeling of connection to my self and having no judgement of my work helped me achieve 3 goals we set out before our session. Since then I established an Instagram account for my work, I purchased a new interface for my website and employed some one to execute it, I shared my work on Facebook with my family and friends. I also submitted proposals to galleries for future exhibitions.
Working with Ashni has made the tasks I had difficulty with seem lighter, easy, effortless and fast. If anyone is considering working with Ashni, I would highly recommend having a session sooner than later as these sessions build momentum and help you cut through all the clutter and achieve specific, measurable goals.”
Kuweni Dias
Leading Contemporary Artist in Australia & Sri Lanka​


I'm so confident that you'll benefit positively from this energetic spa™ series that I can guarantee that you'll experience a significant positive difference within you at least 24 hours after the mini retreat if not immediately.

Depending on individual, the shift can sometimes be quite subtle and yet still as powerful. In this instance, the people around you will notice this positive change in you over a period of time.

Imagine feeling calm, energised and effortlessly productive to grow your business because your soul care works

90-min Energetic Spa for Your Soul™ mini retreat


Your Questions Answered

Yes. This will work for you and no belief is required to get an effective result.

You don’t need to learn or understand about energy work for this to work for you.

This is because we are working with natural energies that is available for everyone and the universe doesn’t play favourite like our human parents do. 

Your nervousness will not block it because we are working on the deepest part of you at your energetic core. 

Your nervousness will be dissolved as a result. 

It is imperative that you prepare yourself and your space for your mini retreat.

You will receive specific guidelines within your appointment email and please remember to follow the guidelines carefully.

Once that’s done, you can do any of your personal practices to help you to relax if you so wish (meditation, nature walk, etc). 

Come as you are whether you feel super excited, emotional, nervous or you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and want to run away.

I have heard a range of things and all is welcome.

You’re welcome as you are.

Often times, clients who show up as they are experience the most transformational breakthrough, moving forward with gentle and serene change in their life and business that they’re pleased about. The process will unfold itself as needed for you to receive your highest positive outcomes.

The effects are lasting as we are working on the advanced level of your energetic well being.

For some people, they may feel the effects wear off after some time only because they have fully integrated with this new state of being and it has become their new normal. 

You will not regress to the previous state of being at all. 

This advanced level of energetic work effectively elevates your energy and gives you lasting results.

It can and will release the deeply held issues without having to go back to the issues itself. 

And once it’s released, it’s gone for good.

Some clients choose to come back to have weekly/monthly mini retreats for continuous energetic elevation and enhance to their mental clarity so that they become highly productive to create positive lasting change in their life and accelerate their business growth.

This mini retreat is a meditative and energetic experience. For the most part, you will be relaxing and we will have minimal conversation. Just like a spa. 🙂 So there won’t be any chanting or singing though if you’re drawn to bring your crystal along for the session, you can as long as they’re not programmed. 

She is phenomenal at guiding you to your own inner truth and solutions that are perfectly designed for your transformations.

SO AMAZING!! I'm still so shocked at how easily and quickly she was able to help me realize and release things that have been in the background and holding me back for YEARS! WOW! You can FEEL her energy during the session and she's so phenomenal at guiding you to your own inner truth and solutions that are perfectly designed for your transformations. I HIGHLY recommend her and her work 💖 it's not a temporary shift either, it's lasting, and easy to continue practicing to strengthen the results. Love her!
Melia Maria
Mindset and Empowerment Coach

Ready to up your mojo

90-min Energetic Spa for Your Soul™ mini retreat