Everyone has emotions. 

Well, except for dead people. They don’t look like they have emotions. 

Otherwise, from my observations, all alive human beings have emotions. 

Including animal beings. 

I am not quite sure about plant beings at this stage for I am yet to witness an angry plant or a crying plant. I have not fully delve into the study of it yet. I have heard of people describing that plants are a being in themselves and have their own concerns but because I have not experience the emotions of plants on my own, I cannot come to that conclusion. 

However, I had definitely felt that there are some plants which feel much more alive than others and nature are in continuous celebration. I know there are devices available which can measure the energetics of plants which can record the plant music. So with that I can conclude that the plants are alive and are singing in celebration. Whether they have emotions or not, it is inconclusive within my consciousness at this stage. 

But I can confidently conclude that all human beings who are alive have emotions. 

Some use the emotions while some are used by the emotions. 

Some people tend to feel their emotions more deeply than others while some people tend to be affected by them more than others. Some people are tremendously afraid of their own emotions and would avoid them at all cost. 

It is in my own observation that people are afraid of their own emotions only because they don’t understand them and don’t want to look at them. I find that most people don’t have any effective and efficient tools/skills to deal with them. 

However, from my own personal perspectives and experiences, emotions are nothing to be afraid of. Whenever you really look at it, it disappears.

Realistically, emotions are really no different from colours. 

They are all different frequencies of vibrations

For example, the frequency of the colour red is vibrating at a lower frequency compared to the frequency of the colour green. A quick look into wikipedia tells us that the colour red is vibrating at the frequency of 428 THz whereas green is vibrating at 566THz.

Similarly, the emotions are also vibrating at different frequencies. 

Through our personal experiences, we can tell that grief has a lower frequency of vibration compared to anger. When one is in anger, one has more energy than when one is in grief. 

Similar to colour, one emotion is not better than another. They are just different frequency of vibrations for different applications.

The emotion of grief is not necessarily better or worse than the emotion of anger. They are all just different frequency of vibrations with different purpose. 

As it is with colours, emotions bring flavours and depth to life, allowing our experience to be more expansive! 

Sadness can bring a depth to a song that no happiness can sing. 

Anger can bring a strong resolve to one’s life and create a change that no lust can ever produce an energetic equivalent. 

No emotions is good or bad just as no colour is good or bad. 

Emotions are just as it is… the true meaning of emotion is energy in motion. The nature of emotions is to be in motion. When emotions are going against its own nature, it creates stuckness within the emotional/mental body which then affect our other bodies – physical, etheric etc. When there is stuckness within these bodies, we can say there isn’t an energetic harmony which causes one to feel uneasy or in another word, dis-ease. 

From my extensive work with the many modalities that I work with and I really mean MANY, it is my conclusion that feeling of dis-ease in the body has its cause in the unconscious emotional suppressions that are the residual of unprocessed life experiences from this life or past lives. They are generally the residuals from traumatic life experiences or cumulative stress from day to day life. 

And for most of us, we had unconsciously kept all these emotions in our subconscious mind, unconsciously suppressing it and afraid of it coming up! 

But that doesn’t have to be so! 

Here the 5 ways that everyone deal with their emotions and through having this awareness, one can make different choices. 

1. Suppressing emotions

Suppressing of emotions is like we are holding the emotions down, not allowing them to come up at all. When we hold an emotion down for far too long, it manifests itself into the physical body as a sensation of discomfort or uneasiness. We can first feel this as a tension before it develops into pain. When it is suppressed over a prolonged period of time (i.e from childhood to adulthood), it develops into chronic pain/stress/health. 

2. Avoiding/Escaping emotions

We avoid and escape emotions in multitudes of ways! For some people, they love plunging into home cleaning. Other people deflect their own emotions by immersing into conversations about other people / events / anything else that is not related to them. That is another word for gossip or idle talks. For some other people, when the emotions get too much, they take a holiday, go for a walk, a run, a swim, a shopping spree and then they’d come back to the same problem again. Some get into alcohol, drugs or anything that takes them into an altered state of mind to avoid feeling the emotions whenever they become unbearable.
This is not good or bad, these are just the common ways we were generally taught as a whole and many of us grew up with these forms emotional avoidance.

3. Expressing Emotions

- unhealthy expression -

Expressing emotions is a beginning of moving the energy of the emotions. The unhealthy way of expressing emotions is lashing it out on another being. Some lash it out at another human while others lash it out on animals. This will create a karmic pattern if the other being happens to be as unconscious. What happens out of that is drama – the throwing of emotions back and forth, back and forth until it explodes or until one of the participants decide to stop. However, if another being is conscious, then there is a chance for transformation of the emotions. 

- healthy expression -

A healthy form of expression of emotions is in the vacuum, not directing the emotions at anyone but just releasing it in a private space, a vacuum. This can be done through many of Osho’s active meditation that incorporates a range of body movements (dancing, shaking, jumping, etc) and free emotional expressions (yelling, screaming, crying, laughing etc). Through a healthy expression of emotion, one feel tremendously unburdened by this unconscious suppression which leads one to feel lighter, happier and with greater mental clarity. This also gives the body the opportunity to heal itself. 

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4. Releasing Emotions

Along with healthy emotional expression, releasing of emotions is another healthy way of dealing with emotions. This form of emotional release does not require any body movement and allows oneself to feel tremendously safe to confront and release the suppressed emotions without getting caught in them. Once the suppressed emotions are released they are released for good. 

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Could you recognise within yourself in instances where the application of 1 of these 5 ways of dealing with emotions is more relevant than another? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment below. 🙂


If you feel that this article has helped you in gaining greater awareness about your emotions or if there is something in particular about emotions that you’d love to learn more about, share with me in the comments below, too. I’d love to hear about it and when I can, I would write another article to address your questions and curiosity. 


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