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Hello, Beautiful Soul! 

I am currently in the process of releasing my blog post one at a time. 

The subjects of these blog posts will revolve around:-

Mastering Emotions – Emotions and emotional release   |  Mastering Intuition – Intuition and Creative Intelligence  |  Discovering Life Purpose, Gifts & Talents  |  Manifesting – The Art & Science |  The Art of Effortless Intuitive Actions   |   Higher Self, Super Consciousness & the Quantum Field   |   Past Life Regression   |   Pellowah Healing & Training   |   QHHT Stories and Excerpts   |   Soul Codes Attunements

If you would like to receive updates on these blogposts, please head to Sundaram Lounge under Resources to register your details. 

At the meantime, please enjoy the launch of my first blog post on Emotions!