Energetic Support for Rebel-Hearted Mamas of

Ami Dehne Coaching


Intuitive Abundance Activation™

Propels you to take intuitive actions towards your income goal

This 90-min quantum energetic session is designed to support entrepreneurs to cease spinning around in circles, taking a lot of actions and not moving the needle in their business. 

This is the simplest, most efficient and effective energetic solution that helps you to feel calm, clear and confident to take intuitive actions immediately so that you can accelerate towards your income goal. 

This energetic upgrade will

•   heighten your intuition

•   activate your energetic flow of abundance frequency

•   dissolve hidden visibility, sales or money energetic blocks

with zero effort on your part.

This session is tailored to your current energetic level and energetic capacity. 

How does this energetic upgrade session work?

For the most part, there will be minimal conversation during the session. 

You will be sitting down relaxing and laying on your back, experiencing energetic transformation done with you and for you. 

I will ask you simple questions and let you know what we’re doing as we’re doing it. 

Preparation for this session is key to get the best results. 

Preparation guidelines are provided in your appointment email. 

Be sure to read them in detail. 

This session is conducted via Zoom and energetic work is done through distance. 

Hi, beautiful rebel hearts 👋🏼

My name is Ashni

I am an intuition and energetics mastery teacher, working with creatives and experts to sustain and grow their income level so that they can be widely known for their signature style of work and make more impact.

I am looking forward to support you along with the amazing Ami Dehne to grow your business income into sustained profits through the use of advanced energetic transformation. 

Bring to me the action that is holding you up from implementing your business strategy effectively. 

I will help you to dissolve personal, business and money energetic obstacles using my proprietary process Rapid Resistance Release™ so that you can take the action with more ease, effortlessness and greater efficiency.

When you're ready for your first energetic upgrade together.