Abundance MASTERY!

Welcome to an 8-week Group Journey


Would you like to use this December and January to lay a new foundation to attract new form of abundance before the Lunar New Year?


I know what you’re subconsciously thinking… 

Yes I would love that but I haven’t got the money to work with someone! 

Well that is the money resistance right there!! The RESISTANCE that had consistently blocked your abundance!! 

Good news though! 
This course is designed just for you!! To fit your needs and resources! 🙂  


You see.. abundance is our nature. We actually don’t even have to work on having abundance. 

We don’t need to work on the law of attraction. It is already working whether we exist or not! 


We don’t even have to work on doing vision boards, although you may if you enjoy it! It’s beautiful! 


It is far simpler than that!


What we need to do is to release our resistance to having abundance. 


That IS IT. 


It is that simple. 🙂


Because when you release your resistance, you raise your state of being, allowing you to create effortlessly. 

You’re either allowing or you’re resisting. There is nothing in between that! 


You’re either in the flow or you are not. There is nothing in between that! 


You’re either in your vortex or you’re not! There’s nothing in between that!

It is that simple! 

I like to apply the KISS theory to anything in life – Keep it simple, Sweetheart!

Anything other than simple is just not effective.

And we will be keeping everything VERY SIMPLE in this programme! 



So, if you are ready for start your new year the way you’d like to finish it… 

And you are ready to give up the hard and difficult way for the simple and easy way… 


Here is a new beginning to get in your flow and get in your own vortex of creation…

allowing yourself to manifest more abundance effortlessly

to feel open and excited about having more money…

to practice having your ideal clients coming to you instead of you chasing them…

Here it is!

abundance mastery

An 8-week
group session


Through this format, you will get the opportunity to work 1:1 with me, your meditative mentor, as well as gaining tremendous benefits from the group energetic release, collective realisations and wisdoms. 

This is an intimate group of maximum 8 women, so you will get to participate and immerse yourself in the process.

If you have been thinking about exploring energetic work/spirituality to grow a heart centred business or have more abundance in your life, this is a great opportunity for that! 

(Ps: Spirituality & Money are One) 

This group has multiple benefits to start your lifestyle of Abundance Mastery

Not only will you be releasing your money resistance at its roots but you will also continuously develop your intuition muscle, increase your ability to take inspired actions, practice effortless manifestations and enjoy business meditations. 

We will delve into the following:-

•   make peace with your current financial situation 
•   release the old money vibrations 
•   calm your mind when it comes to money
•   clear out your money resistance at its roots weekly
•   set an Effortless Money Goal that magnetises
•   develop your intuition weekly 
•   take inspired actions weekly
•   shift from scarcity mindset to ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS
•   enjoy business meditation to attract ideal clients and more…

We will also have a Facebook Group where you will get to share your experiences and celebrate your money gains together during this 8-week journey of Abundance Mastery. 

With every 2 individuals who sign up, we will increase the group duration by half hour to a maximum of 2hr per week.

This group will commence with at least 4 signups. 

When: Every Tuesday, 7:30pm AEST 

Date: 3 Dec 2019 – 21 Jan 2020

Duration: 1-2 hour. Confirmation will be provided on 2 Dec 2019. 

All sessions will be recorded and will be available until 18 February 2020. 


Early bird price (until 28 Nov 2019)

$288 for one off payment (Coupon: Abundance)

or $38 weekly.


Regular price: (from 29 Nov 2019 onwards)

$333 for one off payment or $44 weekly. 

sign up is now closed.

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