Intuitive Abundance Activation™

Finally, an efficient, effective and evolutionary solution that enhance your intuitive clarity and activates your energetic flow of abundance with zero effort on your part.

Wave goodbye to spending hours journaling, sitting in meditation or reciting mantras to upgrade your abundance mindset before making a complex business decision.

Spend 90 mins with me and I’ll help you to increase your intuitive clarity and attune your energy to the frequency of abundance so you can feel confident to make the complex business decisions aligned to your Soul.

You know you need to increase your visibility to get attention for your well crafted offers and creative services.

You’ve sparked off your creativity and put in all you’ve got into your social media content day after day.

You mustered up your courage and went on to do reels, post creative photos with your deep beliefs and ask engaging questions to connect with your audience.

But you still haven’t got the clients and sales you wanted fast enough.
All of these have left you feeling drained, deflated and disappointed.

And you are not alone.

We’re so often taught steps and strategies to reach our goal and keep at it to make it happen.

But what we’re not taught is to take actions aligned with the frequency of abundance to realise our income goals effortlessly.

Does these sound familiar?

YOU'VE BEEN TOLD that to make money online, you need to

have a business strategy, show up online to be seen, post valuable content consistently, socialise to get new clients, journal your thoughts, work on your mindset, visualise, meditate, raise your vibes and keep taking actions no matter what.

They're true. Only partially true.

They are needed, work to an extent and do you find that no matter how much actions you take in that direction, it gets to a point where it's not moving the needle to get you seen, attract premium clients and make the income you need?

What you really NEED is...

to activate your energetic flow of abundance and then take consistent actions from that frequency so that you can reach your income goal with ease.

Because I've done this for myself and helped other creative entrepreneurs just like you to do the same.

When we take action 100% aligned with abundance frequency, there is zero resistance and magic happens.

abundance activated: CLIENT ATTRACTION

I went from zero sales conversations in the few weeks leading up to our first session to 5 sales calls in the week after. I felt like I did nothing and they just appeared. It's powerful stuff!
Romina Cavagnola
Story Coach, Publisher

Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel so in the flow of abundance frequency that your life and business feels like magic?

➜ get invited to podcast, summits and exhibitions that grow your reach

➜ have sales conversations flowing out of you, getting paid what you ask for

➜ receive influx of premium clients booking in to work with you

➜ made new sales with utter ease

➜ have your dream clients raving about your work across the globe

and FINALLY feel that making money with your passion is easy and effortless.

I n t r o d u c i n g . . .

Intuitive Abundance Activation™

A 80-min Rapid Resistance Release™ session that releases your hidden energetic resistances to abundance frequency and activate your energetic flow of abundance.

You will start to take new and bold actions naturally in a state of flow.

Whether you feel stuck in getting more visibility, having sales conversations, attracting clients or increasing your price, you will start to move forward with greater ease upon activation.


Most coaches and programmes will teach you long, complicated and inefficient ways with things you have to do everyday that feels like a chore.

You end up feeling like you’re putting something else on your to do list on top of everything else you’ve got to do.

Instead of activating your energy and making you more in flow, they just pull you down and don't get you effective results quick enough.

I am different.

I have my own proprietary Rapid Resistance Release™ process that, at lightning speed, will help you to shift the scarcity energy, get rid of those hidden energetic resistances and activate your energetic flow of abundance so that you can become instantly calm, highly productive and naturally take income generating actions.

Your actions will feel effortless and produce powerful, tangible results.

There’s nothing else like this out there.


Thanks to Ma Ashni Sundaram for the Rapid Resistance Release session. I had quite a shift and experienced a few changes in a few short days. I also received an influx of inquiries and six new clients booked in this week! Thanks Ashni, love your work 😉
Janelle VK

After Intuitive Abundance Activation™, you'll:

experience an elevation in your energetic field - lighter, clearer, quieter and stronger

notice an instant upgrade in your personal, business or money mindset

feel empowered, easy and effortless to take the actions that used to be difficult

feel natural to take new and bold actions that will take you to greater heights

➜ feel calmer, clearer and more confident to move towards your income goal

How does the session work?

This is a 90-min quantum energetic transformation experience tailored to your current needs, energetic level, energetic capacity and energetic potential.

For the most part, you will be relaxing or laying down and experiencing energy work done with you and for you. 

Preparation for this session is key to get the best results. 

Preparation guidelines are provided in your appointment email. Be sure to read them in detail. 

This session is available globally via Zoom or in person in Brisbane. 

Abundance Activation

The simplest, most efficient and effective solution to activate your energetic flow of abundance with zero effort on your part.

Wave goodbye to spending hours journaling, sitting in meditation or reciting mantras to upgrade your abundance mindset.



I had a session with Ashni a few weeks back. The session was so simple and easy. And after it was so easy to send out emails to three people I had been wanting to work with. I had been procrastinating about sending these emails for a week. I could not believe that I sent these out without a moments thought. No doubts, no apprehension, no procrastinating. And I got a positive response from all three and I am working with them.
Thanks Ashni for your support.


I just had an amazing online session with Ashni. She guided me to things that were holding me back and I left the session feeling powerful and that anything is possible - I feel like I have my old self back 🙂 I absolutely know that a project that I have been procrastinating on can now proceed with ease and I'm really looking forward to getting it done, rather than looking at reasons not to do it and procrastination. Thank you so, so much Ashni ❤️​
Website Developer
Ma Ashni Sundaram Mindvalley

Hi, my name is Ashni.

I've been supporting creative entrepreneurs to master their energy, attune their intuition and overcome their personal and professional obstacles so that they can make more income and impact with their signature work.

We do that without sacrificing their sanity, soul and self. 

Within the last year, I’ve helped my clients to get really great results in their well being, their soul connection and their bank account:

→   received surprised invitation to speak on summit, podcast or exhibit their unique work 

→   attracted big ticket clients and business opportunities unexpectedly

→   achieved more than 10k month and breaking through their income level


But it hasn’t always been this way for me. 


I used to go around in circles to find a solid way to make money in my energy based business.

I had signed up for countless personal, business and spiritual development courses, training, retreats, group programmes, mentoring and memberships, thinking each and everyone is the solution for me to finally get me consistent clients and make a decent income.


And it wasn’t until I developed the formula to attune my intuition and master my energy along with a simple business strategy that my business start to propel forward and everything changed. 


I’ve since gone on to reach my 5 figure month by turning cold strangers online into VIP paying clients with minimal social media presence, very little networking and no professional photography.


That’s why I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs like you to grow your reach, breakthrough your income level and make more impact in the world with the power of Rapid Resistance Release™ and proven principles of Intuitive Abundance Mastery™

This is for you if

• you know your work is important and valuable

you want to operate in the mode of abundance ongoingly

you want to master your intuition

• you want to stop hustling and start attracting

• you are committed to take action

• your highest yearning is to fulfil your highest potential

• you are an ALL IN type of individual

• you committed to your vision

• your heart is set on creating more impact in the world

• you want to be the icon in your field

This is NOT for you if

• you are not open to energy work

• you think this is going to work for everyone but you

• you are not willing to take the required actions

• you expect the energy to do everything for you

• you are not willing to change

• you are not teachable


While we cannot guarantee you’ll come out and make a million dollars next week, what I can guarantee is you will leave this session feeling a subtle but powerful shift in your energy, an enhanced level of clarity and a calmer nervous system. This ripple effect will continue to get stronger over the next few days / weeks depending on individuals.

still on the fence? 


It’s not the $297 that’s stopping you from having your Intuitive Abundance Activation. 

It’s the worry if this is going to work for you or you’d have wasted your money. 


I want to chat to you honestly about your feelings about that. 


Many of my clients came with a similar concern as yours. They have:

– done a range of energy work

– tapped themselves daily

– did money mindset work 

– journal regularly

– meditate, raise their vibes and visualise money manifesting

– have many tools at their disposal

but still kept feeling stuck and overwhelmed with their business. 


When they first came to me, they were also concerned if this is going to work for them. 

It did and it’s not uncommon that they got more than they expected. 


This works for everyone with no exception. 


The reasons behind that are:-

1.   Universal energy is neutral and doesn’t play favourites. Just like air is neutral and available for anyone who needs it.

2.   We’re working with quantum energetics on the consciousness level, so we are working at the very core of you, creating change from the inside out. Therefore, the results are powerful and lasting.


The best and most scientific way for you to know if this is going to work for you is:

   1.   experience the session yourself so you know through experience if this is working for you as this level of energetic work can’t be understood on mental level.

2.   take a moment and clearly feel into your intuition. Listen to what it says then follow it.

3.   read from the experiences of others and decide for yourself.


It is best to take action from your intuition rather than from the memories of past experiences. 


If you know that your work is important and you really want to end hustling and start growing your business with ease and effortlessness, then this Intuitive Abundance Activation will start to open up an energetic flow of abundance for you to supercharge your intuition and boost your energy upward and forward. 

So, whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here to help you to activate your energetic flow of abundance and support you to bring your valuable work out to more of your people with great efficiency. 9


Are you ready to become energetically magnetic?

Your Questions Answered

Your nervousness will not block it because we are working on the deepest part of you at your energetic core. 

Your nervousness will be dissolved as a result. 

You won’t be asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with. 

This session is all about you. 

In fact, for the most part, we will be having minimal interaction and have energy work done for you and on you in silence. You will mostly be feeling relaxed, gaining insights and at some point, you will be laying down as well. It’s okay if you fall asleep, the result is still as effective. 

This session is a meditative and energetic experience. We will be having minimal conversation and for the most part, you will be relaxing. Just like when you’re in a spa or a quiet temple. 🙂 

So there won’t be any chanting or singing. 

You can bring your favourite crystal along for the session as long as they’re not programmed. 

It is imperative that you prepare yourself and your space for your session.

So, please remember to follow the guidelines carefully.

Once that’s done, you can do any of your personal practices to help you to relax if you so wish but not required. (i.e. meditation, nature walk, etc). 

Come as you are whether you feel super excited, joyous, emotional, nervous, don’t know what you’re doing or want to run away.

There can be a range of experiences prior to the session and all are welcome.

Oftentimes, clients who show up as they are experience the most transformational breakthrough, moving forward in their life and business with gentle and serene change, and magnificent outcomes.

It can and will release the deeply held issues without having to go back to the issues itself. Very rarely do you need to go back to the issue unless you need it for conscious understanding. Once it’s released, it’s gone for good. 

The effects are lasting as we are working on your consciousness level with advanced techniques and process.

For some people, they may feel the effects wear off after some time only because they have fully integrated with this new state of being and it has become their new normal. 

You will not regress to the previous state of being at all.

This is entirely up to you and will be at your discretion.

It is best to follow your intuition on that.

Each time you activate, you will elevate to a higher level of abundance energetics and be able to access higher creative ideas.

Some clients only had one and that is probably all they need.

Some choose to come back to have fortnightly/monthly activations to grow their visibility, sales and income with greater speed.

Some choose to go on my private programme to get consistent activations and deeper energetics support to accelerate their progress to breakthrough their income level. 

To each, their own needs. 


Whenever you’re ready for one, book in for your session online or get in touch with me if you have any questions. 


Ma Ashni has helped me release and clear some stuff and the result is phenomenal. I feel very, very calm about the steps I need and want to take in my biz. I can now take my steps in flow and with ease. Thank you!
Maaike Van Pelt
Faster EFT Personal Coach


It’s really hard to describe the transformation I felt after just one session with Ashni.
It has opened the connection to my intuition in ways that I really didn’t understand before.
Within two days of my first session I found myself taking action in areas of my business that I had been avoiding for months. And what was most surprising was that the action felt so natural and effortless.
All I know is that Ashni’s session is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone who is feeling stuck or overwhelmed in business.
The clarity and calm I experienced after just one session left me hungry for more, so much so that I now have weekly sessions with Ashni.
Ashni's work is amazing and Ashni is so lovely and generous with her sessions – thank you so much Ashni
Amanda Meyer
Home Organisation Coach, founder of Happy Home Solutions


“Before working with Ashni, I had fears about showing my work. I was feeling that no body would understand my work and appreciate my work as I often felt I was not accepted for my original self or my authentic work.
I felt the work was too complex, too different, unorthodox.
During our sessions she helped me to feel accepted, safe and in control within my self. Deep feeling of connection to my self and having no judgement of my work helped me achieve 3 goals we set out before our session.
Since then I established an Instagram account for my work, I purchased a new interface for my website and employed some one to execute it, I shared my work on Facebook with my family and friends. I also submitted proposals to galleries for future exhibitions.
Working with Ashni has made the tasks I had difficulty with seem lighter, easy, effortless and fast.
If anyone is considering working with Ashni, I would highly recommend having a session sooner than later as these sessions build momentum and help you cut through all the clutter and achieve specific, measurable goals.”
Kuweni Dias
Leading Contemporary Artist in Australia & Sri Lanka​

Are you ready to make money in your creative business with ease and effortlessness?