This is Ashni.

I'm a jillian-of-all-trades and a master of one - Self Transformation.

I believe we have the answer to creating a beautiful, healthy and productive world.

It's when competently skilled individuals with compassionate hearts and activated creative intelligence are leading themselves, empowering their family and supporting their communities.

We see that lasting impact can only happens through ongoing excellence and advanced innovations weaved with a lot of love, care and natural confidence.

This is why I'm so passionate to support you to thrive in your own element and sustain your career success.

Because we need you.

And we need each other.

Unless you can eat sunlight for the day with zero bills to pay, then you only need the rays.

For the rest of us, yes, we also need the rays and each other.

We need each others'
and laughters.

How can there be a beautiful world without laughters?
It cannot.

This [laughters] you are free to express when we work together...

I don’t care if you laugh or you laugh and snort and laugh at your own snort

You just have to know.

I won’t stop you.

I might even laugh with you. 

Teeth out, eyes squinting and catching breath..


Also, do know that…

I won’t ask you to fake it till you make it.

I’ll support you to make it.

And sustain it. 

Then grow it.

Ad infinitum, if you will.


And laugh a lot along the way… 

Even all the way to the bank.

That I call Luminary Mastery, my friend.

I’ll teach you to polish your gems and get rid of the glitches so you’ll keep shining in your niches.

We’ll discover your element together, keep you in the flow, feeling composed.  

We’ll also develop your energetic backbone – a vertebrae, a time – so you’ll be able to stand tall no matter where you need to go, who you need to meet or how many eyes are set on you.

Sounding a bit poetic?

Book in a Zen Chat and let’s get into the nitty-gritty bits. 

P/S: Speaking about jillian-of-all-trades, in Sundaram Space, we use a wide range of energetic and holistic modalities, including our own in-house innovation, Rapid Resistance Release™. 

PP/S: Our aim is always no time to waste, only pleasure to gain… time, cost and energy efficiency is the name of our game.

PPP/S: Can you tell, we’re not only poetic but also innovative? We’ll get into the mechanics when we work together.