My name is Ashni.

“I will help you to release hidden energetic resistances from your field so you find it easy to speak up, stand out as the expert and stay ahead of the curve.”

Our Committed Values and Mission

We know: that the Universe is supremely abundant and this unlimited abundance is available for everyone who allows themselves to have it. We know how to help you to master your energetic elevation and generate abundance with ease and consistency.

We believe: that you can create great wealth and impact with your unique body of work that your people really need and will enrich our world.

We help: creatives and experts to accelerate and sustain the greater success they're creating while boosting their sanity and well being.

We help you through: our 1:1, retreats and workshops that support and teach you to calm your mind, master your energy and supercharge your intuition to breakthrough your personal, business and money obstacles with confidence.

We create an environment where: everyone feels at ease to be their whole selves, appreciate and respect each other's uniqueness; and celebrate each others' breakthroughs.

We respect your Business and Soul's path: We know that your business journey and your Soul path are very unique to you so we tailor each private session and retreat to suit your evolving needs. We embrace each step of the unfolding of your journey with you.

We enjoy: laughing so hard that we cry, calling a spade a spade, living outside the everyday mediocre world, exploring consciousness in the quantum field, relaxing in nature, sacred feminine dance, cuddling with dogs and watching epic romance in Korean series.

We value: Intelligence, Respect, Growth, Transformation, Mastery and Innovation.

We will know our work has been successful when: you're getting very recognised for your signature style of work globally and making the money you deserve. You feel like you're living out your purpose and leaving a legacy.

If our values are also in alignment with yours, apply for Luminary today.