I help women in online business to reclaim their calm, mojo and productivity to grow their business without sacrificing their sanity.

I'm an experienced quantum energy worker based in Brisbane.

My zone of genius lies in guiding people into gamma brain wave of consciousness for lasting calmness.

I also facilitate in person retreats, active meditation groups, healing training and Soul codes attunements to advance your energetic well being.

I work on the whole of you and provide practical, innovative and energetics solutions that is tailored for your unique, evolving needs.

Over the years, I learnt that for you to accelerate your Soul business growth and take productive, income generating actions, I need to work on all the different aspects of you ongoingly and not just one aspect of you repeatedly.

My aim is for your to have your well being and deepen your Soul connection while generating more money and fulfilment in your life.

SO AMAZING!! I'm still so shocked at how easily and quickly she was able to help me realize and release things that have been in the background and holding me back for YEARS! WOW! You can FEEL her energy during the session and she's so phenomenal at guiding you to your own inner truth and solutions that are perfectly designed for your transformations. I HIGHLY recommend her and her work 💖 it's not a temporary shift either, it's lasting, and easy to continue practicing to strengthen the results. Love her!
- Melia maria -
Ashni is a very effective holistic counsellor, she simplified & cleared my blockages, using essences, oils, emotional release & emotional anatomy. I am so grateful for the shifts & growth I received in a very short amount of time. Life changing therapy. Highly recommend.​
- Sonia Wright -
I have had the privilage last week to take up a session with Ma Ashni Sundaram. She was so gentle and caring and she made connecting to my intuition for what I need and want so easy. During my session with her I experienced a definite release to what I have been holding on to and I could feel the shift in energy. I was floating! Thank you for the beautiful work you do Ashni and for the opportunity to experience it with you 💗💗💗​
- Jana Visser -
I just had an amazing online session with Ashni. She guided me to things that were holding me back and I left the session feeling powerful and that anything is possible - I feel like I have my old self back 🙂 I absolutely know that a project that I have been procrastinating on can now proceed with ease and I'm really looking forward to getting it done, rather than looking at reasons not to do it and procrastination. Thank you so, so much Ashni ❤️
- Diane -
Ashni is a kind and intuitive healer. I was new to QHHT however Ashni created a safe, comfortable and healing space to be able to explore aspects of my psyche and questions I had about my life purpose, career, health and relationships. I was able to gain greater clarity from the experience and see aspects of my life from a new perspective. I felt there were both tangible actions and realisations I took away from the experience as well as a deep clearing on an emotional level. I would highly recommend Ashni to anyone wanting to gain greater clarity or to be able to understand more fully recurring patterns or themes in their lives.
- Amalia -

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