Case Studies for

ABFE Advanced Practitioner Course


There are a wealth of 69 essences available to support you in your journey.

A Personal Invitation


Thank you for being open to be a part of these case studies where you will enjoy your personal journey of breakthroughs with the flower essence(s) at no cost to you and I will be able to gain Advanced Practitioner Certification as a result of our collaboration.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience holistic counselling with Ashni and the powerful effect of flower essences in assisting you to remove subconscious emotional blocks that is in the way of you taking the highest action in your life.

Are you excited to invest your time and energy into you and your own life?

The Case Studies Process

There will be 3 consultation sessions, the first 2 sessions includes prescribed flower essence(s) and the last one is a follow up.
1st Consultation : 90mins
2nd Consultation: 60mins
Final follow up: 60mins

Each consultation is at least 2 weeks apart and your case study will generally complete in 8 weeks or less (depending on your integration, your schedule and your personal essence(s) requirement).

Before the first consultation, I will need you to complete a background information form in order to maximise the time that we have together. Please include your history, condition, specific symptoms and other relevant information in the document.

Please send a soft copy of your back ground information at least 3 days before your 1st consultation. For in person consultation, please bring a physical copy of your form with you.

A copy of the background form is available below.

1st Consultation

During the 1st consultation, we will delve into the information presented in the background form to identify the primary heart of the issue that is presenting itself in your life. We will go through a process to identify your goals and actions required to resolve the issue. This will be the issue/theme that we will work on during your subsequent consultations.

Flower Essence(s) Process

I will prescribe the flower essence(s) during your 1st consultation for you to take home and work with. A standard dosage is twice a day, 7 drops under the tongue first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Depending on situations, more dosages daily will be required. You will be advised of the dosages during your consultation.

The flower essence(s) will assist you to shift through the layers of emotions in your emotional body progressively, at least over a 2-week period. You will progressively integrate with the shift in your emotional well being. Depending on individual, sometimes a week of integration may be helpful prior to the next consultation. This will be discussed in between consultations and I will touch base with you periodically to provide clarity and support when needed.

Once you have completed your dosage and integration, please fill in the evaluation and testimonial sheet to record your result and experience. Please send a soft copy of these sheets at least 3 days before your 2nd consultation. For in person consultation, please bring a physical copy of your sheets with you.

This holistic approach will enable you take the highest actions to dissolve the issue and move closer to your desired goal as the subconscious block dissolves.

2nd Consultation

From your new vibrational stand point and perspective, we will reassess where you are at in relation to the original issue and your goal. When you have fulfilled your goal, we will gain further clarity on your next step and go through the goal setting process to establish the new actions required for you to expand further. If you are yet to achieve the original goal, we will look at what is in the way and explore the avenues to dissolve that. Another dosage of flower essence(s) will be prescribed for you to work with for at least another 2 weeks.

The similar Flower Essence(s) process above is applied.

3rd/Final Consultation

During this consultation we will assess how the essence had work for you so far, reflect on your growth during the journey and some suggestions can be provided as required. Then we will celebrate you!

As a summary of each consultation, you will get:-
✤ clarity on the heart of the issue
✤ specify your goal clearly to dissolve the issue
✤ actions to achieve your goal
✤ a bottle of flower essence(s) to support you emotionally during your journey for the first 2 consultations

What is required of you

Commitment and Willingness

When you agree to participate for the case studies, you are required to commit to the timeline and process of the programme to ensure accurate feedback on the essence(s) and your success in moving to the next best version of your life.

This means that you are willing and committed to:-

✤ complete an accurate and detailed background information
resolve the heart of the issue at present
take flower essence(s) daily, 2 dosages over a period of 8 weeks or less
take actions established in your goal plan
observe the shift that happens in your life
✤ complete the evaluation and testimonial sheet before the 2nd & 3rd consultation
celebrate yourself

For more information about Essence Therapy and Holistic Counselling, please click below.

When can you start?

Beginning Monday, 5 NOV 2018.