being at the top of your game and accomplish your goals?

Do you want to FEEL comfortable in your skin to keep showing up as the expert in your field?

Do you want to FEEL constantly calm, confident and courageous inside even when ALL eyes are on you?

Or would you like to FEEL energised while growing looong term success with your passion?

Then, I'm the Self Transformation & Mastery Mentor for you.

I help you to have STRONG staying power to advance your career to greater heights without the emotional rollercoaster.

You don't have to feel drained or lose your sleep over work.

You don't even have to feel nervous taking BOLD actions to get ahead.

You also don't have to psyche yourself up, bite the bullet and push through every day.

Growing a career with your professional expertise can FEEL

easy, effortless & even energising

Want that to be YOUR living reality?

The result is phenomenal. I feel very, very calm about the steps I need and want to take in my biz.

Ma Ashni has helped me release and clear some stuff and the result is phenomenal. I feel very, very calm about the steps I need and want to take in my biz. I can now take my steps in flow and with ease. Thank you!
Maaike Van Pelt
Faster EFT Personal Coach

I left the session feeling powerful and that anything is possible. ​

I just had an amazing online session with Ashni. She guided me to things that were holding me back and I left the session feeling powerful and that anything is possible - I feel like I have my old self back 🙂 I absolutely know that a project that I have been procrastinating on can now proceed with ease and I'm really looking forward to getting it done, rather than looking at reasons not to do it and procrastinate. Thank you so, so much Ashni ❤️
Website Developer

FEELING is the name of the game™

RESULTS are byproducts

And I'll help you to have BOTH!

Has growing your professional career burnt you out? THIS is why.

The MAIN reason many professional experts find it difficult to grow their career despite being very passionate about it is because of the deep-seated internal and external resistances that are affecting them, often unknowingly.

These resistances often:
- pull them 2 steps back when they take 3 steps forward
- amp up their inner battle and spin them around in circles
- cause them to feel blocked, unmotivated and stuck

All of these really slowed down their capable progress and blocked their merited success.

This is also the MAIN reason why many of them burnt out, fried their nervous system or had a health crisis after they've reached a level of success.


They're passionate about their work, so they keep driving themselves to the next finish line.
By the time they get there...

Their personal life and relationships are impacted.

Their mental & personal well being is compromised.

And they found that they're breakable.

Unless these deep-seated resistances are transformed for good, they'll keep generating self doubts, fears, crippling anxieties, panic attacks and subtly sabotage their own worthy success.

This then create self esteem issues and also put unnecessary obstacles in their personal, spiritual and career growth.

It takes them on an emotional roller coaster ride that really exhaust them and lead them to their breaking point.

YOUR professional brilliance is needed to

reshape the world and your future.

You can't afford to break AT ALL.

(And you don't have to)

This is where I can help.

Because, not only do I understand that...

your PASSION can lead you to your PURPOSE and your REASON FOR BEING...

I can also help you to transform your resistances and develop a self mastery strategy for you to flow in a state of high productivity and accomplish your goals.

Want to get ahead cruising from one BOLD action after another?

I'll help you to gently transform these deep-seated resistances using my proprietary system


It is a very simple, easy and effective way to transform mental, emotional or energetic resistance at a deep level within a small pocket of time.

As we transform these resistances,

you'll start to FEEL EASY to take actions that were ONCE DIFFICULT or EVEN UNIMAGINABLE TO YOU.

We'll develop your personal capacity to:
- communicate with authenticity
- socialise with ease &
- deliver your expertise with natural confidence

so you can stand out for the long haul, make strides in your income and propel your career forward

She has helped me overcome so many of my FB Live blocks and now I'm running live online workshops and loving it!!!

“I love working with Ma Ashni! She has helped me overcome so many of my FB Live blocks and now I'm running live online workshops and loving it!! I love, love, love her work!!! Ashni's work has propelled my business in ways I never thought possible. There is so much value in her offer!! Ashni's sessions are so powerful in shifting those old beliefs that keep us stuck. I was the girl that stared at the record button for hours. Now I get excited about hitting record...thank you so much Ashni "
Amanda Meyer
Home Organisation Coach, Owner of Happy Home Solutions

The way you feel will change.

The way you think will change.

The way you express yourself will change.

To a marked degree.


I'll gently guide you through this transformative journey.

Whether you're feeling burnt out, ready to stand out or wanting to sustain a steady business growth,

you'll begin to experience a whole new reality of ease, a steady flow of well being and continuous personal breakthroughs!

Here're some of the key fundamental areas I can support you to thrive in

Speak Up and Be Bold™

Breakthrough speaking nerves so you can start to say what you mean naturally on camera, on stage or during executive meetings.

Take Big, Bold Action™

Breakthrough procrastination pattern so you can start to feel easy and empowered to take big, bold actions with natural confidence.

Stand Out and Shine™

Breakthrough social anxieties so you start to feel more comfortable in your skin to show up online, on camera or at social events.

Energetic Spa for Your Soul™

Elevate your energy so you start to feel recharged, calmly present and in the flow to articulate your thoughts, engage with warmth and deliver your expertise.

Zen Money™

Grow your money calmness so you start to feel easy to raise your price, have sales conversations and manage your taxes, finances or wealth.

Sharpen Your Intuition™

Enhance your intuitive clarity so you start to have sharper decision-making ability to make confident decisions in navigating your business direction.


Not needing to push or drain yourself out to grow your business anymore

and yet YOU feel SO comfortable in your skin to:

• communicate with authenticity and natural confidence that your people really trust and respect you

• show up being yourself and socialise at quality events easily to you grow your connections, clientele and community

• deliver highly esteemed work so consistently that your expertise truly shines and stands out from the crowd

I went from hiding myself and playing small to really stepping into the real me and being proud to share myself with the world.

My 3-month journey with Ashni has been transformative. I went from hiding myself and playing small to really stepping into the real me and being proud to share myself with the world. I overcame fears of what people will think of me, of how I may be challenged, of sales conversations and of asking for what I really want (or better!). My growth has been gentle yet huge. Ashni is such a warm, loving and wise woman. I highly recommend working with this glorious soul.​

Ready to get ahead?